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The "Please PM me your POI" Thread

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Because there was some discussion on the interview thread about whether that was the right place for PM requests, I thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread.  Here's a place to put your "

Hello GC,   I'm interested to hear what POI you applied to work with from those who have been extended interviews to the following schools. You can PM me. Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing a little

Is anyone actually getting messages from this thread?

Could the person accepted to Virginia Tech's Developmental and Biological Psychology program PM me their POI? Thanks!

Did you hear anything? I am interested in this too..


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Hey guys! Could whoever got unofficially accepted at the University of Houston for I/O PM me? I don't need your POI, but I got an unofficial acceptance there too for the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Program (waiting for my letter) and wanted to talk if you plan to go there (since we will likely be taking classes together in the fall).

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