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The "Please PM me your POI" Thread


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I saw on the results search that someone receive an email acceptance to UC San Diego in experimental psychology.  I am anxiously awaiting hearing from them, and did not expect for us to hear so quickly after the interview last weekend!  Whoever posted that, would you mind PMing me your POI and whether it seemed like a mass email or a personal one?

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Has anyone heard back from Princeton Cognitive or NYU C&P?  Did you get an invitation to interview? I'd love to hear about it!


Also, have you all directly contacted POI before sending your application?  I didn't do that and now I'm getting worried.


NYU C&P had interviews last weekend. I wasn't invited, but my friend was.

As for contacting POIs before applying, I should have, but I didn't.

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To whoever has heard from the University of New Mexico's clinical program and/or cognitive department, could you please email me your POI? really would like to hear some information here....

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