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The "Please PM me your POI" Thread


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Could the person who just posted the acceptance to Michigan Social Psych PM me your POI and/or let me know whether this was your first time hearing anything from them? (Presumably they didn't have on-campus interviews if they're accepting this early?)

Thanks and CONGRATS!!

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Sigh. Can the person who got accepted to Miami University let me know who your POI is?

Me too please.



Also, can the posters who got accepted to Kansas social please let me know their POIs?

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Heyy was hoping to avoid posting to this thread for the second time today, but can't resist. Would the person who got the Cornell interview mind PMing me? Thanks!!

Same here! Mind PMing me as well? Thanks:)

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Good luck to everyone! 


If it isn't too much trouble, I'd love POI information about the following Social Psychology programs:


University of Michigan

Ohio State University


University of Washington

University of Maryland

University of Minnesota

University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Thank you! 

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I haven't heard anything back from people in a a while. Anyone else in that same boat?


Anyway, whoever heard from Harvard today from Cognition & Behavior, would you please message me your POI? I would definitely appreciate it.


Thanks! and good luck to all! 

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Anyone who's heard from NYU social - could you please let me know your POI?


Also - Does anyone know what's up with Tufts? I saw they sent out an email that decisions would be available soon, but I didn't get that email - is anyone else in the same boat?

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Has anyone heard back from Princeton Cognitive or NYU C&P?  Did you get an invitation to interview? I'd love to hear about it!


Also, have you all directly contacted POI before sending your application?  I didn't do that and now I'm getting worried.

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