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Forum Stats Feb '13

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Hi Guys!


Apologies for the long delay.   Finally, a respectable, 3-4 day delay :-)


Top 10 Posters

  1. uromastyx 272
  2. asleepawake 272
  3. jmarti37 271
  4. DontHate 259
  5. girl who wears glasses 232
  6. dazedandbemused 215
  7. Pericles II.ii.48 210
  8. CGMJ 203
  9. Quigley 192
  10. RubyBright 175

Congrats uromastyx! Also to Quigley, slowly moving up the rnaks!

By the number(s)

In total there were 33,176 posts made this month (32,554 in Feb 2012). There were 735,623 visits, 217,630 Unique Visitors and 4.0M pageviews to the forum.

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This is just the forum too, not views to the results survey ... 

The views to the results survey must be some tremendously large number... o.o I'm almost scared to find out, ha.

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I had no idea until just now that I was in the top 10 posters in both Jan and Feb.  I guess I was on here more than I realized!

Edited by Quigley
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