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Lee Kuan Yew School (LKY School), National University of Singapore (NUS)

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A friend who's doing an MPP at NUS currently just informed me that the admissions office has received an overwhelming number of applications this year, and interview calls are going out in batches, based on when you applied. I applied on the very last day...so, maybe there's still hope? 


Also, I couldn't wait any longer so I wrote to them a couple of days ago - decisions on shortlisting for interviews will be out in a week, and they intend to make offers by end March/early April... 


Hope this is useful!

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Hi All,

quick update and answers to your questions:

It was a skype interview scheduled for an hour but lasted only 40 minutes so I don't think it went that well!

A professor took my interview and it was a mix of experience related and 'why the course' questions. I was also provided a case study half an hour before so make sure to login in to your email a while before your interview. I was really nervous and wasn't prepared at all due to work. However the professor was really neutral and supportive so it was a nice, smooth experience. 


I am sure they are rolling out interviews periodically so I wouldn't lose hope. 


My background: Bachelors in Management in 2010. Working for 5 yrs in the non-profit/education sector. IELTS score is 9. Did not give the GRE or GMAT. Decent extracurriculars and I am good at my job but no medals or awards received.  

Hi Pianodive, 


Can you tell me what your case study was related to? 


Thank you

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Dear Phoenixx,


I just can tell you, that the case study is not a big deal and just requires some general knowledge and skills.

For example, you are coming from India, so maybe you get something about outsourcing with some statistics and you are asked to summarize the content as well as developing an opinion regarding a special question.

Or maybe you get something about environmental issues with the same procedure.


All in all, don't worry, I am sure you can do it. You have been selected and shortlisted for an interview, so you are not that bad I think ;-)



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My interview went quite well. Hope I am not being over presumptuous. The prof asked the usual questions regarding- why policy, why lky etc. The case study was regarding illegal fishing off the west african coast.


He said they will get back to me in four weeks! :o Thats a long time! I hope it is sooner. 

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Congrats, I hope, the decision will be a success!


They told me, around mid March, but I hat my Interview already in February, so I guess, the decisions will also come in batches.


But still, the waiting time is difficult  :huh:

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From what I know, one round of in-person interviews for India happened last weekend (the 28th?), and there have been a few others (again, Indian applicants I know personally) who've gotten invites for Skype interviews too, since then. 


I think it may be time I accept I'm not getting a call. LOL.


Disappointing given the prestige of the NUS programme, and the potential funding involved. Sigh. 

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I am an Indian applicant as well. Having read the discussion above, I need to ask if any Indian applicants have received rejects already?

Also, could people who got called for the interview share their profiles here (educational background, professional experience etc.)

I haven't received any information about the interview either.




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Unfortunately I think we all have to wait until we get notice about the admission.

I guess, they are processing the applications according to the application date, so who has submit earlier will also be interviewed earlier.


I applied already in December, so maybe that's the reason why they informed me earlier.

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Very quickly (currently at work!), will try and answer what I DO know, which isn't much!!


Last year, NUS shortlisted applicants for the interview rounds mainly by country. This is because they wanted to have in-person interviews with most shortlisted candidates (except a few who were based in places too far from the South East Asia/South Asia general region - those people had Skype interviews), and it makes sense to club these together, logistically.


That said, given that I've heard that there are many more applications this year, they may not have decided to follow the country-wise rule. For example, I know that NUS conducted both in-person AND Skype interviews for Indian candidates. It is definitely possible, as Namir says, that they are processing applications by date. [in which case, given I submitted my app on the last day, should I still be waiting for a call?!]


Kaleem - Unfortunately I don't have any info on candidates from Pakistan specifically, just found out about the India interviews from a friend already at NUS... =(


True - I don't think rejects have gone out yet, since they're in the middle of their interview rounds. I haven't gotten any notifications yet, anyway! I assume once they've completed the interviews, rejections/invitations for diagnostic tests etc./acceptances will go out. But you should check the grad cafe results page in any case!


Applicant205 - See my answer above. I'm assuming it's country-wise, but only because that was the case last year! =)

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