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Lee Kuan Yew School (LKY School), National University of Singapore (NUS)

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Thank you Namir. I personally think there is nothing much to worry about financial aid as 75% of the incoming students receive financial aid. Let's hope for the best.

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Congrats Rudolph! I am feeling as anxious as you guys.. just emailed LKY to get more information on when.. more information will come... I am somewhat hooked on gradcafe waiting to see if anyone has more news on their admissions offer. 

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Hi everybody,


Congratulations to all, who have been admitted at the LKYSPP.


Sorry for not posting for a long time. I was gone for a working visit and I did not have much time.


I would like to mention that today I also got admission for the MPP programme. However, like all of you, I did not receive any information about the financial aid.


I hope we will all get the financial assistance, and we can study together and make a good team.


Good luck to everyone.





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Hi, I am from El Salvador, nice to meet (or read) you all.


I applied around 14 Jan, interview 16 Feb, and today, 25 March, I got an email about the offer for MPP program, but no information about funding.


As far as I know, the Admission Office works for regions, so each region has its own timeline.


Good luck to everyone!

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Hello Guys,


I am very exited, I have also been admitted. But, have not received any info. about financial aid, although I applied simultaneously.


Congratulation Namir, and yeah, do you have any info. about you receiving financial aid? also other please?


Hope to see you on campus,

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Hi all!


I think it is time to found a group with emails and so on so that we can also meet in the real life one day.


To clarify for everyone:


I applied by Dec 19, received the interview invitation on Feb 19, hat the interview in Feb 24 and got the admission yesterday March 25 around 10pm.


The email just said, that I got the admission, congratulation and that I will receive an official letter later. But this time, the waiting time is acceptable for me.


I am also very curious for funding or financial aid since I would also feel more comfortable with that and also Singapore requires some expenses (attention: irony).


I really hope, the rest of our community here will get admission and nobody is left behind.

Congrats to Giomar, Cags and Maawarinu! El Salvador sounds very interesting, but I am also not from Asia but from Germany, so we have really a nice diversity in the program.

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hey guys, I am from Asia, and applied LKY MPP.


I got into the community with an email at last night. but same to you, it did not indicate the funding, so I would wait until weekend.


Nice to meet you, guys, and hope to hear good news.

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Rudolph, could it be that the financial aid info will be provided on a separate letter? The letter you just received might just be a reference to the earlier email about admission offer.

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