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Lee Kuan Yew School (LKY School), National University of Singapore (NUS)

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I had to ask one of the students who got admitted last year with full funding. She told me that all the details were in the offer letter( I mean the funding details).

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Hey Mark31 and all those who got admitted but no info. on financial aid yet.


this is a piece of information (FAQ) I found from LKYMPP website about the relationship between financial aid and admission. 



"7. How do I apply for financial aid?

You can indicate in your online application that you require financial aid, and the Admission Committee will consider your application for those who are eligible.
8. When will I know if my application for financial aid is successful?
Outcome of financial aid application is communicated together with the admission offer."
So I imply that having received admission offer means we are also offered financial aid ONLY IF we INDICATED that we REQUIRE financial aid in our ONLINE APPLICATION. 
I hope this information helps. 
Would love to know what you think based on these FAQ. 
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Well I also indicated to get financial aid, but I am pretty sure that everyone did that. So they still have to decide who will get funding or not.



I guess, the reason why they asked you to submit the documents so early is just, that they need to see who is really accepting the offer to study or not.

It seems, that the most of the people here applied in many universities and since LKY wants to fill their batch properly, they need to see who will come for sure. And I also think, this is the reason why they proceed with the interviews and admission until May.

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@Namir, good point. 


@Rudolp, just to confirm if you don't mind. Did you indicate in your application that you require financial aid? 


thanks and I am sorry for the situation you've got. 


I wish you luck in submitting documents and/or finding other financial aid as alternative. 

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@Maawarinu, Yes, I indicated that I request financial aid. I'm quite sure also that I indicated that without aid I won't be able to attend.

After speaking to him on the phone, I'm quite hopeful that something can come up, fingers crossed.

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That is normal!

Again, the tests are supposed to examine your English and Math skills, not more not less.

If you are good enough, fine. If not, you have to go earlier to Singapore and take some refreshing courses.

So it is a service for you/us!

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