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Columbia applicants - Fall 2014

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Submitted December 1st as well but it took a month and a half for my app to go complete despite having all documentation uploaded. It seems they extended that deadline though so maybe that's why? Not gonna lie, it's a little annoying to have your ducks in a row and then have to wait around for news because other people didn't...

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Hey, same here!


I also applied for Columbia, NYU, and UT. When did you hear from University of Toronto? 

I haven't heard from UofT social work yet - I'll hear from them in April 

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Got into the PhD program! wahoo! Congrats to everyone. I went to Columbia for my masters in social work so if you have any questions feel free to let me know. I know the program well. 


HEYY! I just got accepted to the MSW program. I'm a Canadian student so I'm considered an international student. The fees for the 2 yr programs is very expensive. Do you have any advice on fundings ,fellowships, scholarships?  THANK YOU! 

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Nooooooo. I still haven't got email yet. I feel sad


Did you check the website? I know in years past the decision was posted on the website before the email came. Good luck! :) 


I got my email this afternoon! More than likely not attending but still very exciting to be accepted!!! Congrats everyone!

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I went on website and it's not update yet. Anyone who hasn't heard, did you guys finish stats course?


I got in and didn't complete my stats course yet. The administrator said I need a B or better and  I need to complete it before orientation in August. 

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