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I haven't finished all my applications yet, but since I submitted two today, I feel like I can legitimately start checking out "Waiting it out".

So, who wants to predict their fate? You can be as detailed or as vague as you like. When all the results are in, maybe we can quote our original post and compare predicted with actual.

I'll start.

Applications: 8

I think I'm very competitive at: 3

I think I have a chance at: 3

If the stars align and everyone I know wears their lucky underwear for the next 3 months I have a chance at: 2

I will be stoked if I receive 1 suitably funded offer.

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Applications: 10

If my applications are complete and nothing is missing then these are my predictions:

I will get into my first choice school.

Accepted: 4

Denied: 6

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Ooo I like this thread. It will definitely be one to come back to (hopefully in high spirits!)

Applied to 5 programs

Competitive at: 2

Pretty good shot at: 2

Who knows!: 1

I have no real top choice - I find it makes my anxiety much lower. Plus, I have a bit of a two-body problem (not married SO is applying to grad schools in a totally different field, and I do plan on taking their acceptances into consideration of where I go unless financial aid packages are wildly different).

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Just completed my applications, so I guess I can join the predictions now :)

I don't know how much my finacial aid from fulbright will help along but i'm rather pessimistic - at least today :D

some chances: 2

hopefully, but not too sure: 1

i guess i need some lucky underwear...: 3

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Ooo I like this thread. It will definitely be one to come back to (hopefully in high spirits!)

This thread reminded me...we had a similar thread last year, and I never went back and checked my predictions!!

I applied to 9, and predicted 3 acceptances, 2 wait lists, and 4 outright rejections.

So how were my psychic abilities? It's hard to say, since few of my schools actually came out and said, "You're on the wait list."

I did get into 3 schools in the first round of acceptances, so that part was right on track. Two schools actually mailed or emailed to say "sorry" fairly early in the game (March, I believe).

Wait lists...I had one rejection close to April 15 (probably a wait list), one in July (definitely a wait list). One school emailed me on April 14 to say that yes, I was on a wait list, and to ask if I was still interested in attending. I'd already accepted elsewhere so I said no.

I hadn't heard from the last school by March, and since I was going out that way anyway, I emailed and set up appointments with profs I was interested in working with. We talked about why I was a so-so applicant (I had a lot of issues with my background, hence my screen name) and I must have put their fears to rest because I was accepted a couple of weeks later.

Summary: I was right on with the number of acceptances, but got fewer initial rejections than I anticipated. Considering the issues with my background, I think 4/9 wasn't so bad.

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Ok I will bite. My predictions change everyday. Some days I feel like I am getting in nowhere and other days I feel like I will be accepted at most of my schools, but just to be part of the Prediction game I will throw this out:

Applied: 7

Accepted: 3 (one of my top choices is in this group)

Waitlisted: 2

Rejected: 2 (my other top choice is in this group)

I just want to be accepted by 1. That will be enough for me.

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When I applied out of undergrad, I got into 2/6 of the PhD programs I applied to. Then I went to one of those, and a year and a half in my supervisor moved to another country. So now I'm reapplying, with an almost-finished Masters thesis. Hopefully I can get into some of the programs that rejected me three years ago!

My predictions:

There are 2 that I feel pretty confident about (including one top choice).

And 2 that I really don't think I have a chance at (the other two top choices *sigh*).

Of the 5 in the middle, I'm guessing I'll get into 2.

I'd really love to get into more than one program, just so I get to agonize over the choice!

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I'm applying to 5 programs. I seriously can't divide it up to acceptance/rejections, but here is my best attempt.

Fairly confident in acceptance: 1 (also one of top choices)

Moderately confident in acceptance: 1

Completely unsure: 1

Rejected, but still keeping irrational hope for: 1 (other top choice)

Definitely rejected: 1

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I think that I have a good chance of admission at all the masters programs I am applying to. I think that since I am applying to both MA and PhD programs, the focus and research ideas necessary for the PhD applications have had a positive effect on my MA applications, making me come across as being more confident and sure of what I want to do. Of my MA applications, I think that I will be accepted at at least 3 out of 5, if not all 5, hopefully with considerable funding at one of the 3. My statistics are well above what they look for, so I guess it comes down to what they think of my personal statements.

Of the 3 PhD programs I am applying to, success is much less likely. Just like everyone applying to these, even the best candidates, I cannot say that I actually have any verifiable chance of being accepted. There are just too many people competing for the few spots available (in my case, for one solitary spot at each place). If I were accepted at 2 or all of these 3, it would blow my mind. I think there is a hope that I will be accepted at one of the three, but if I'm not I won't be surprised.

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I'm applying to 3 MPH Programs for the Spring 2010: Tufts, BU, and Northeastern

I already know I'm waitlisted at Tufts

I'm predicting an eventual reject from Tufts, accept from BU and accept from Northeastern

I don't want to go to Northeastern. They don't offer concentrations in epidemiology, just a standard MPH degree. It's gonna be hard applying for a PhD in Epi with a standard degree.

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This thread is total awesomeness. here's mah predictions

app'd 8 schools

admits =3 (1 from dream school, 2 from good schools)

denies =5

funding = $0.00

I will offer my blood to the admission god and say alot of prayers and do good deeds, mebe admit numbers will go up that way.

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Applying: 5

Accepted: 1 (the Ph.D program at my M.A. school...I better get in, or it will be a very awkward April)

Waitlisted: 2

The committee will have a nice laugh over my application: 2

I will be disappointed, but not surprised, if I am at school #1 again next year. It is a great program, but not an ideal fit for me.

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probably yes for one, 50/50 for the other.

No clue on funding...

I would be happy attending either school and would have a hell of a time trying to decide if I got into both.

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I am applying to 5 top 10 programs and two regional programs that are not the best fits in terms of faculty interests. I predict rejection from all 7.

If you are extremely pessimistic, you can't be disappointed, right? :rolleyes:

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Does this thing create some kind of karma issue?

Oh jeez. I'm such a joiner. lol

10 apps

feel pretty strong for: 4

wishy washy maybes: 1

Would be over the moon with two competing fully funded offers from any of them.

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Ahh, this is a scary game. I think it will be interesting to come back and see this post in march.

Well..for my 3 masters programs..I think i will get accepted from 2/3 but with no funding

And for my 7 PhD programs:

Outright rejections: 4

Phone interview..then rejection: 2

In person interview and acceptance: 1

As my professor always tells me " It only takes one." I just need one PhD program to accept me!

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