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Stressfull Fall 2018 slp applicant in NYC. GRE retake?

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https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/my-drive Hello fellows, 

I really need some advice on whether I should retake GRE. I only took GRE once in July and got: 152V, 153Q, 3AW and GPA is 3.54.

So the numbers actually fall right on the average score published on ASHA for schools that I intend to apply. I know that being average is not competitive enough.

However, since I only started my SOP and have not yet gotten LORs, I work full-time and taking two pre-requisites coming semester.

Should I retake GRE just to raise the score? GRE prep is such time-consuming and stressful process, I am sure I could do little better, and possibly increase 10 points combined if I worked with a tutor. 

However, with my average GRE score, is it worthy of that much time, money and energy on a GRE retake? Considering I undone SOP and LORs.

I have been hearing that GRE is important and not from different places, how true is that for my situation?

I am really lost.


Attached is a spreadsheet I made for schools that I could apply in NY area, hope this could save some of your time. 

SLP LIST.xlsx - SLP Master.pdf

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I can't open your file but based on my experience when I applied, you should be fine for the middle-tier NYC schools. You may need higher for TC. Your may also need higher GPA for the CUNY schools. NYU said their minimum to be considered when I spoke to admissions is 3.5 so you're on track. NYMC and Adelphi needs around 3.6. LIU Post accepted people with sub 3.0 overall in the past but may need to have good application profile like good SOP, interview and related experience to balance it out. Yeshiva U cares about grades in the prequisited and also look at the big picture. 

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Your writing score is too low. Look into Magoosh or other program that focuses on writing FOR the GRE (I.e.  You may be a good writer in "real life", but you're not  including the things that the GRE wants in order to give you a higher score).  You're quant and verbal scores are fine, but NY is too competitive to get into with a 3 AW.  You may not even make it past the school's cutoffs for your entire application to  be considered if you don't receive a 4 AW. Good luck!

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Emailing with directors and professors of prospective Graduate schools, I found that they all said they put a high emphasis on the writing score in your GRE, and have said that as a Speech Pathologist, you need to have adequate writing skills. I would definitely work on increasing your writing score to about 4.0-5.0. 

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