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  1. @TakeruK .. I couldn't link you in my other post... i dunno !
  2. Are you already in the US? If you're already in the US on a student visa I think that can be qualified as OPT. You cannot work on a B1/B2 visa. Depending on what type of internship it is (are you a research asst?) then you may qualify as J1. There are a few Canadians on here who may be able to help you better I think @TakeruK is one of them...
  3. Ahhh thanks for fixing that typo By good fortune I literally just received an email notifying me of acceptance Yay! ...Oh, crap, now I actually have to write the thing!
  4. bugging the poop outta me I can't fix the typo in the title hahaha... cue smartass answer from someone...
  5. Do conference organizers typically notify you of rejection in addition to acceptance? The first and only other conference I've applied to accepted my proposal, but the second conference was supposed to make decisions by end of Feb, and I haven't heard anything back. Wondering if it's a silent rejection? This is humanities...
  6. Getting around Goleta and to campus from Goleta and even Santa Barbara is totally doable, most do it, in fact. On campus housing for grads is around $800 for your room in a multi-room apartment. Everyone buses and rides bikes and skateboards. You also get special bus passes (free and discounted). If you're looking at housing right now, that's why it looks thin. Come May/June, it'll open back up cuz everyone starts moving again.
  7. Just let your love and enthusiasm for your friends and family come through you honestly when you answer that question. Sounds typical. Interview sounds long actually. Haha. If you have a document good through August and the next one begins in September you will technically be OK. I might consult DHS though (you will not get in trouble). The F-1 visa is for entry -- so your ENTRY visa has expired, which is fine. Unless you do want to leave the USA and come back, in which case you will need to reapply for a visa, and should be NBD since you've already shown and proved that you used your original visa for what you intended (to study). To me this sounds like high likelihood of intention to immigrate -- you're both from countries where same-sex marriage is not allowed, and so you could be seeking refuge in the US. I would not reveal your sexuality or intention to marry during the interview. However, once you ARE married in the US (however you guys do that, I'm not sure... how will your partner get their initial visa to come get married? B1/B2?), that marriage is absolutely recognized and she would qualify for J2. You will, I imagine, continually run into the issue of proving that neither of you intend to seek permanent refuge (intention to immigrate) from oppression in your home countries, unless it is only a legal technicality and not a major social issue where you're both from. Answer to your last question is yes, she can apply to do this without returning, although may not be successful (up to officer's discretion as far as I know.... though I was never a DHS person so those laws are less clear to me).
  8. I'm working on a CFP right now -- reviewed the guidelines and it says "Do not include name of coauthors or references in the abstract". Does that mean I cannot reference particular scholars in the abstract? This would be really difficult, as my work is about addressing specific scholars' gaps...
  9. Well what's keeping you where you are (or makes you want to go back) not on paper?
  10. I can't make any suggestions. I can tell you that I personally would look on it as suspicious to see someone from a currently unstable country applying for a US visa from a third country though It's unfair but I'm just telling you how I would probably view it. This must be really frustrating for you -- I am so sorry I would DEFinitely take the internship in S.A. though. Once you have time there in your passport, AND return to Turkey ... that can look good to a VO -- it would to me.
  11. It means you get the master's en route to the PhD. Santa Barbara is like this.
  12. Have you followed up with him at all during the three months? He might have totally forgotten. You should check in. Sounds rough guys -- this is the worst patch I think. Hang in there! Best of luck!!!
  13. You will have to repay the SEVIS fee if it has been an entire calendar year since you paid the first one, yes.
  14. What is the conviction precisely? How long ago did it occur? What was his age at the time of commission? Was it considered a misdemeanor or felony equivalent in his country? Would it be a misdemeanor or felony in the US? What was the punishment EXACTLY (fine - how much? jail time - how long? community service - how many hours? etc). These are all important factors. As to first Q, ask the international student advisor, the program advisor, and a faculty member you're already in touch with at the school, whether they issue forms for J-1 or F-1 visas, and whether they have any flexibility in choosing. I recommend asking all three point of contact, at least, because you will likely get different answers.
  15. Just confirming what has been said already is also what I understand to be true, on all counts.