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  1. I'm not sure if this is helpful, but through professional contacts I know a professor there who has been there for a while and he is brilliant, kind, and I'd imagine, amazing to work with. He's also super well connected and knows people other great programs, so if he is indicative of the program, I feel quite certain that it is a strong program. From what I've read about the current DCT, she also seems super impressive. So - I can't offer any details on how others view Notre Dame, but the faculty seems quite solid!
  2. I think someone posted in the results section a while back about how there was a second interview on March 16 (I'm asking about social specifically). Does anyone know anything about that? I wasn't rejected around the same time as everyone else so I'm trying to hold out a bit of hope! Edit: to be clear, I wasn't invited to the earlier interview weekend, either - so no rejection, nor an interview offer.
  3. @westy3789 and @hey-yo-psych thanks for your advice and congrats on your success! I can't wait to see how everything ends up in a few weeks!
  4. Hi, all! I initially intended this post for lessons learned about grad school interviews, since I'm about to have my first one this week, but I figure this post might be helpful all around. It might be nice to have the wisdom and experience of several people in one place. Some take-aways I've learned from both my experiences and my job (where I interact with well-regarded faculty in the scientist-practitioner realm). For context, this is my second time applying, and it went way smoother for me this time. Advice I've been given: Don't settle for a program you don't LOVE out of impatience or desperation - a good fit is key! Act excited and gracious whenever anyone reaches out/ in all interview situations Do your research on how the program is right for you and how you bring something valuable to benefit them, too Things I've learned along the way: Be as organized as possible when preparing to apply. A spreadsheet with the school name, due dates, "are official transcripts needed y/n", "date GRE scores were sent", "all letters uploaded y/n" was CRAZY helpful to me this time around. Be realistic about how much it will cost you - a conservative estimate is probably $100 per application (though often less) + plus the cost of sending transcripts when necessary ($10 a pop for me) + sending GRE scores (pretty much everyone wants official scores), + a small gift to your letter writers, only if you think it would be appropriate (I sent $10 Starbucks gift cards and thank yous to my letter writers and the grad students who helped them; it's my second time asking them to write on my behalf and I did 12 apps this time, so I felt a little guilty) Let me know what you guys think! I'd appreciate interview tips if you have them.
  5. Because they are APA accredited, they're required to have tables on their website that provide information about their funding, attrition, etc. Here is theirs: https://rosalindfranklin.edu/academics/college-of-health-professions/degree-programs/psychology-phd/student-admissions-outcomes/
  6. You're right - I'm sure it varies a lot by university and program. When I mentioned this phenomenon to some folks in the field of psychology that have a pretty good insight into a variety of programs, they seemed sort of like, "well, yeah, that's just how it is". Of course, that's just their perspective, and of course, you'd never want to mislead any prospective programs. I'm sure a thoughtful answer (that makes it clear you're strongly interested in them) is the best route.
  7. Boo. That is disappointing. Thanks for the info!
  8. I would be careful in answering this - apparently, it's commonplace that programs will choose not to offer you a spot if they know you have an offer from a "better" school that they think you will choose over them (as to not waste the "offers" they extend). For reference - https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2016/01/06/new-book-reveals-how-elite-phd-admissions-committees-review-candidates
  9. Hey all! Looking back on an email Clark University sent me when I started my application, they said: "The Psychology Department holds an interview day for prospective graduate students in mid-February. Applicants selected for in-person interviews will be contacted directly. All applicants will be notified of the University’s action no later than April 15." Of course, it's not unthinkable that they could be running behind, but does anyone know if they've extended interviews for the social program? I see plenty of clinical interviews / rejections on the results page, but no social ones. Thanks, all! Continued best of luck to everyone!
  10. This google sheet has a lot of stuff that isn't on the results page, though it's pretty limited in the area of Social: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Nr3EjkYFVFQVh-_iCUwI2yDi0IFijurVdU2LyGHRMdI/edit#gid=0
  11. I presume this was for the social program, right?
  12. Thought you guys might be interested in this article: https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2016/01/06/new-book-reveals-how-elite-phd-admissions-committees-review-candidates Some food for thought if you don't get in to one of your top schools!
  13. If it makes you feel any better (which it may or may not), I doubt many programs will even start looking at applications until January! From my understanding, admissions departments often take a while to organize and send the psych department the complete applications.
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