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  1. 21 minutes ago, refreshingmyemail said:

    hi all, I was awarded the pre-doctoral fellowship (about 15 min ago)! this is my 3rd year applying and my field is psychology. Goodluck everyone!

    I’ve run out of “likes” I can give on this site for the day, but congrats ~ glad to know the emails are still coming in waves today. Hope to hear good news about my dissertation app today.

  2. 10 minutes ago, CeXra said:

    Are you a winner from 2019? Or someone who received the award this week (like 2020) announcement..  Idk I highly doubt that its for this week. @Alma1350@refreshingmyemail

    Even the post indicated stuff for 2019.... I am a skeptic but I don't think awards were announced for 2020 as of yet...

    My understanding is that both users applied to predoc which is a 3-year award. It wouldn’t make sense for @Alma1350 receive a predoc award last year AND this year 

  3. 20 minutes ago, Iced decaf americano said:

    Did you all apply for predoc? I'm thinking dissertation fellow results aren't out yet...

    I applied for dissertation and haven’t received any emails yet. Fingers crossed for us to win ~

  4. 5 hours ago, neuropsychnerd said:

    Anyone else get their soul crushed when a potential PI talks about how they are SURE you have SO many offers and that they think you have an amazing career ahead of you...but then reject you? I know it's them trying to be nice, but when the reality is that I have no firm offers, it just adds insult to injury when they are asking me to contact them when I "decide where I'm going". 

    Never contact that PI again - that's your revenge 🤠

  5. 4 minutes ago, ClinicalApplicant2019 said:

    100% appropriate and a great idea in general! I went to the APA conference in 2019 without even presenting anything but I wanted to network. So I emailed professors I wanted to connect with in order to put my name on their radar for fall 2020 applications. They were all appreciative of my outreach and I think it’ll make you stand out as someone who is super motivated! 

    Yes, do this @itsannat ^

  6. 5 hours ago, neuromorgan said:

    I'm really starting to get worried overall. I have one interview weekend coming up but got rejected from my top choice school that seemed like a very promising acceptance due to all the interviews and communications I had with PI/faculty/students so hopes aren't too high. This is my second time applying, though the most serious as now I will be graduating with an MA in May, and I'm scared this isn't the right decision.

    I have such a deep passion for my area of study but these rolling rejections and a negative direct supervisor of my thesis have been haunting me. It's hard for me to write my thesis/do the remaining school work to graduate/teach my class I'm TA-ing for/and even begin to prep for the interview that I do have coming up since I'm starting to feel like someone else more deserving should be in that spot instead of me.

    Unsure how to boost up my work ethic again. Is this what burnout really is?! I've never truly experienced it.

    (hugs you) 🥺

  7. 3 hours ago, missfleur said:

    General question, has anyone gotten an invite through a 2nd round? Meaning, your PI went through first round invites, all which didn't work out, to then invite you? I have four schools in which I"m in this boat (no rejection, in weird limbo) and I wonder if I should bother holding out any hope. All places tell me it's either going to happen (2nd round invites) or the chance is "low." Just wondering if these elusive 2nd round invites ever actually happen or if I should just move on.

    These instances are very rare, unfortunately 

  8. 15 hours ago, lolhelp said:

    Hi everyone. I don’t really have many friends and family that understand this whole process, so I’m posting here to hopefully receive some support from people that may be on the same boat. 

    So, based on all of the results that I have seen posted on GradCafe so far, I can’t help but feel like I have already been rejected to every program that I have applied to. Pretty much every program I applied to this application cycle has already sent out interview invites and I did not receive one so the rejection is pretty self-explanatory there, and there’s still one program that I’m still not sure where I stand and if that specific POI has even reviewed my application, but I’d obviously have to get extremely lucky to receive an interview and an acceptance from that one program at this point so I really do not want to get my hopes up only to get disappointed in the end. So basically I’m feeling extremely pessimistic and defeated. Do you all recommend contacting that specific faculty member or maybe the department to see where I stand? I was also wondering if, even though I have not been invited to a single on-site interview, there is still a possibility that I was placed on the waitlist for any of the programs I applied to? This is my first round, so I’m not quite sure how the whole waitlist thing works either. I’ve only actually received an official rejection from two programs. Should I just assume rejection from the other programs, or should I still keep on hoping? I’m just ready for all of this anxiety to be over; so, should I start preparing my application materials for another round, or should I still keep hoping that I may be successful this round?

    Additionally, some words of encouragement would be extremely helpful if you have any. I feel incredibly defeated and hurt. This is my first round, but I have completed an honors thesis and a masters thesis, had my honors thesis published (and my masters thesis is currently being prepared for publication), about 11 poster presentations, about four years of research experience, a 3.9 undergraduate GPA and 4.0 psychology GPA, I had pretty much everything I thought PhD programs were searching for and I emailed every single POI beforehand asking if my research interests were a good fit for their lab. On top of that, I am really financially struggling right now due to all of those application fees and what not... I am just really not in a good place right now, and I feel like I have nobody to turn to. 💔

    (hugs you) 🥺

  9. 6 hours ago, corbeau0 said:

    I think they mean that, as long as you submit your application before the deadline (usually Dec 1), timing doesn't impact your application. An application submitted on September 30th has the same impact as one submitted on November 30th; things may get dicey if materials are submitted after the deadline though.

    Yes, you got it 👌

  10. 44 minutes ago, Dr.MOM said:

    I know there aren't any rolling admissions - but I'm curious - what date did everyone submit their applications relative to the due date?

    I submitted my application relatively close to the deadline and I wonder if that is a factor to the crickets. 

    I can tell you that timing of application submission is not a factor.

  11. I don’t attend those programs, but the remaining element I’m wondering about is your choice of mentors at these programs. Some professors are going to be more competitive than others to apply working under in their lab. Also, a lot of the time, professors tend to lean towards choosing mentees of their friends from outside institutions. 

  12. 2 hours ago, psychologygeek said:

    Hi y'all 

    Figured I'd post in here since I know I'm overreacting but still want to get this off my chest

    I will be on crutches for one of my interviews :( I am planning on attending the pre-interview social and the post-interview happy hour as well, and I'm worried about sticking out like a sore thumb or not being able to walk around/mingle due to this, and consequently making a bad impression. I am hoping and praying it doesn't hider me through the interview! I already know this sounds crazy, but I just needed to get it off my chest. This will probably be one of the only schools I get an interview at, so I'm really hoping to make the best impression possible! 

    1) If you’re taking a flight at the airport, I’d recommend calling the airline and requesting wheelchair escort service – having to walk through long corridors in crutches is going to be a rough time.

    2) If you haven’t already, let your interview coordinator/contact person know that you’ll be in crutches so they can arrange accommodations for you. My guess is that you’ll be able to sit down during the social events, and current students will be the ones coming to you to chat.

    Also, no need to stress about attending in crutches – if anything, I believe this can work in your favor by showing the interviewers and graduate committee that you were willing to attend and participate to the best of your ability despite healing from an injury or surgery. So, I really think this is will make you stand out *in a positive way* 🙂

  13. 1 hour ago, QuinnH said:

    Does anyone have thoughts on the pros/cons of staying with a graduate student during your interview?  I think it would be great to get more in-depth info on the program, but I can see how there might be downsides as well, like not being able to have time to decompress after travel.  I requested to be housed with a grad student for an upcoming interview, but now I'm wondering if my little introvert self might be more comfortable staying at a hotel.  Thoughts?

    Like everyone else said, stay with a current graduate student unless you have severe anxiety or know yourself to not be socialable at all in the evenings 

  14. 1 hour ago, emdreaming said:

    I work for the PI at my top choice school. I just had a meeting with him and another tomorrow. It is taking ALLLLLL my self control to not be like JUST TELL ME NOW! According to CUDCP the school will send out invitations this week. So I don't know why he doesn't just give me the inside scoop (I do actually know why, but I'm like come on, I wrote your NIH grant proposal). It is agony seeing him almost every day and just smiling and being like "Hi Dr. XYZ! Hope you're having a SUPER day!"

    FML. I think I'll likely just crack and demand answer. Probably the surest way into the program. 🤪

    Also, real talk, I'm not quite sure how I'll handle working here if I don't get an interview 😔 

    Eh, you’re a shoe in there. And if he doesn’t give you a spot, just bail out of the lab 🤡

  15. 1 hour ago, whitmanic said:

    27 with work experience, near perfect GRE scores, top 5-ranked undergrad institution, finishing a research psych master's, and just got 4 rejections in a row. I don't know what they want. Need to find a plan B for life...

    Damn, that’s brutal :0 I’m 27 with mediocre GRE scores and went to an average state university for undergrad and got into a PhD Clinical Psychology program with guaranteed funding for five years...

  16. 5 minutes ago, yeeboi said:

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but when given the chance to stay with a graduate student or a hotel, is the former better than the latter? I'd like to get to know the current students, but I also know that I'll have a chance to do so during interview day. Also, I think I'd be more comfortable staying at a hotel the night before to get my bearings together. But I don't want to look unfriendly by declining a place to stay.

    (Yes, I'm very aware I'm thinking too much about this)

    It’s typically more advantageous to take the offer to room with a current student, if you think you’ll still be in a social mood after all the interview day events. You’ll have the advantage of getting to ask more specific questions about graduate school life in the program, and an extra opportunity to “butter up” a current student who’s mentored under your prospective advisor (advisors typically ask current students about their opinion of the applicants).

    If you really don’t think you’ll be able to keep up a social/friendly attitude after a long day of interview events, though, it’d probably be best to opt for the hotel.

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