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  1. Has anyone taken an online course involving disability in American society? Something with a title like Disabilities in Contemporary American Society? Or anyone know best way to search for it? Thanks!
  2. Hi! Wanted to start a thread for those who were accepted to CU Boulder! I was accepted and will be attending in the Fall. I AM SO EXCITED. Is anyone else pretty sure or strongly considering Boulder?? I will also be at the open house! Anyone going to that? I know for people flying in it's a holiday weekend. For people applying to Fall 2019 who might end up reading this thread : I attended a very early information session in Oct where the presenter gave a TON of helpful information. I worked very very hard on my personal statement that had a decent amount of personality and voi
  3. thank you! Still in disbelief. I got an email that there was a status update. After I logged in I clicked "view update" under a new section called status update. As soon as I opened status there was all this animated confetti and streamers. There are two letters one from CU Boulder one from the SLHS department with more details. I haven't had to create a CU Boulder email. I think that will happen once I pay the deposit! Good luck!!!
  4. Boulder sent out notifications today! I am in utter shock! I was accepted!! To other people who got in, do anyone receive information on the open house?
  5. I'm still waiting to hear about CU Boulder too! The wait is killing me, I was so sure we'd hear by now
  6. Ahhh so crazy to think by this time week I may not be checking my email non stop anymore! Saw in another post that you already live in CO! I do too! I live in Denver. Are you near Boulder?
  7. When do you think peoe will start to hear back from Boulder? Next week or ever later than that?
  8. Does wether or not parents go vary from program to program?
  9. I know this is way too early but has anyone heard anything back from CU Boulder?
  10. My personal statement is 1,200 words! AH. I have cut out a ton, but still feel like it should be at 1,000. Has anyone applied with a SOP this long? Opinions? If it's too long will that hurt me a lot? They read hundreds of essays!
  11. Is asha usaully correct about what is a competitive enough GRE score? 148 seems very low to me
  12. What were your GRE scores if you don't mind me asking?
  13. Hi, I was wondering if anyone currently accepted or who applied or current student could tell me what GRE score I would need to be a competitive applciant for the UNCO. Thanks in advance for the help!
  14. Would anyone who got into CU Boulder mind sharing their stats?
  15. Did you guys see on admissions thread someone got a call from cu boulder on the 26th of February?
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