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  1. On another note, anyone interested in Munk alumni statistics can also go over here: https://munkschool.utoronto.ca/mga/alumni-page/ As I stated earlier, my most prominent gripe was the fact that tuition is too high and I absolutely detest that. All the other contentions I have with the program are not unusual for newly established institutions. Having said that however, I think the quality of the experience (even compared to just its Canadian peers) and its trajectory is on the up. Having seen what the program has achieved in less than 10 years, I can only imagine where it will be in the
  2. Some background: I came to Canada as an international student and did my undergrad at SFU. Considering Canada’s favorable immigration processes and the fact that I had already stayed here for 4 years, I decided that it would be better to choose a Canadian school of any of my other options. From the options before me, I wanted a program that was both academic and professional in its tint. I wasn’t convinced that I wanted to spend more time in academia, but wanted to keep the option open. While deciding b/w the schools, the only real contenders for me were Munk, LSE, and UOtta
  3. Congratulations to all the applicants, wherever you may choose to go. I initially joined this forum in 2015 when i was applying to IR programs. Having graduated from Munk in 2017 and working in the industry, I'd be happy to answer any questions and provide advice. Feel free to post on here with any questions or send me a private message as well. (Also i came to Canada as an International Student). I'm honestly here to provide objective information regarding any doubts you may have, based on the options available to you. Profile below for those who are interested: https://www.linkedin.com/i
  4. Hi! Well i suppose it is based on the balance of what you have. 3.3 is on the baseline I believe. But, if you can make up for it with some good work experience, concentrated research interests, good personal statement, and good references....then the GPA will not matter all too much. If you have a look around the different forums on the site, you will see that there are students getting into really good schools for IR with baseline GPAs and the reason is because they have taken some time off in order to strengthen their work/practical experience. This doesnt mean you should take a few years to
  5. Good to hear Kasmin0d and sorry to hear WhiteIR. Good luck to you both!
  6. I just submitted by grades in January after I got my winter semester grades. I believe that the deadline is Jan 26, so you have enough time to get a transcript from after the winter sem grades are posted.
  7. Hey, so first round acceptance deadline is May 1. So, I suppose that if people start rejecting their offers early on you will hear back sooner. Good luck!
  8. Decisions are hard. No denying. Let me help you: come to Munk --> Join us, join us, join us. No pressure...
  9. I know, it is making me nervous. But people take too much tension, things will work out. Just gotta not panic and look at options...I think...
  10. I`ve applied to residence. We shall see how it goes :/ . Hopefully Grad housing comes through. If not, I shall take it a step at a time. Anyone got ideas?
  11. Congratulations, very happy for you!!! I gather you will be going to Balsillie then?
  12. I dont think we need to. I have been in touch with some current MGA students and they said they will set up a fb page for us once we have accepted and stuff.
  13. oh! Well that clears it up. Thanks and good luck!
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