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  1. I actually heard that Columbia masters is a heavy cash cow program (sorry if I'm wrong...). If that is the case it might not be that difficult to get in. But you have to really consider going to Columbia... the living expense is going to be huge, unless you are from a rich family you should not consider Columbia Masters program (PhD is awesome)
  2. You can't defy your decision after you accepted the offer?
  3. Wow that truly is a disaster... How did they even manage that situation
  4. Yeah it seems like you are in the waitlist. Wish for the good luck!
  5. Well If you are confident that you can reach PhD after masters, then yeah take the risk It is your life anyways~ I'm was just saying it is a risk to select Masters when you already got an offer for a top research school like Phd at UMD. Good luck I envy you
  6. Lol me too. I think this is common for international students. We usually get our decisions after waking up in the morning.
  7. If your goal is eventually getting PHD this is no contest. Name values do not mean anything in research, and to be honest there is no guarantee that you will be excepted to UMD CS PHD level schools after you finish masters. Go for the PhD and focus on your research topic. Anyway congratulation for getting accepted to good schools.
  8. I don't understand it seems that schools are taking more time this year.
  9. I'm also waiting for Chicago MPCS and no news... It seems schools are taking more time this year.
  10. Yeah I know, Since they have something like a 7% acceptance rate. They could have just send the lower 80% of their pool that they unfortunately don't have a chance this year.
  11. I know this felling. It's like why was I so confident when applying? I should of applied to more safe schools but it's too late to retreat
  12. Case 1: Schools sent out both accepts and rejects but you didn't got one -> you are in their consideration Case 2: Schools sent out accepts but not rejects but you didn't got one->99% you are reject and they are just holding on you application for... I don't know... Good luck on your application
  13. I think it is a school that provides enough education for one to become a world class researcher if he or she has the will
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