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  1. Clinical Psych at Dalhousie

    I applied last year and I believe I emailed the documents to the psychology graduate coordinator. There should be an email address listed on the website.
  2. Psychology GRE Subject Test

    I agree with the previous poster on the ETS practice test. I also used the Princeton review book when I wrote the psych GRE last year. I thought it was pretty good. It isn't super comprehensive, but I think it's a good refresher for someone with a psychology background. I think the most helpful thing I did was to go through the prep book and learn the names/general research areas of all the important psychologists mentioned. The test (or at least the version I took) asked many questions about specific people/experiments that I might not have known otherwise.
  3. Canadian Clinical Psychology GRE Scores

    I think that the 80th percentile standard is more common in the US since they seem to value standardized testing more. In my experience, Canadian schools place much more emphasis on your research experience, GPA, and statement of purpose than the GRE, unless your score is super high or low. To echo what the previous poster said, I've heard that you should aim to score higher than the 65-70th percentile on all sections, but it isn't a huge deal if you score a little lower in one of the sections.
  4. GRE and Clinical Psych (Canada) - should I retake?

    If I recall correctly, I improved by 5 points on verbal and 3 on quant. I used the Manhattan 5 lb book and thought it was great. I also bought a package of 6 practice tests from Manhattan Prep which were super helpful. I found that taking practice tests helped me more than studying because I got used to answering the questions in the allotted time, instead of just learning the material. If it's any consolation, the psych GRE shouldn't be a big deal. Not to say that you shouldn't study, but if you have a 3.9 in a psych degree, you should be able to do very well with a little studying!
  5. GRE and Clinical Psych (Canada) - should I retake?

    Do you think you could do better if you took it again? I was really anxious the first time that I took it, but improved quite a bit the second time just because I knew what to expect, etc. If you think you could improve your score, I would recommend rewriting. You're an otherwise strong applicant, but those are some of the most competitive schools in Canada, and it's hard to say how it would affect your chances. I've always heard that a general rule of thumb is to score above the ~60th percentile, but that's purely anecdotal and I'm sure it varies from program to program. Clinical admissions are impossible to predict and it's possible that a great research fit and strong application could offset your GRE. You should also check to see if the GRE is optional at McGill since it's in Quebec. I don't think this was very helpful, but I wish you the best of luck on your applications! It might help to discuss it with any clinical faculty members you know
  6. Some smaller universities have terminal masters programs in experimental psychology. I'm not sure which schools exactly because I haven't looked into it in a while. These might be a good way to get research experience.
  7. Just wanted to mention that there are actually a few funded research masters programs in Canada if that's something you're interested in. I know of several clinical students who did an MA at Carleton beforehand, and I believe there are also master's programs at a few smaller universities.
  8. My advisor is purchasing a Mac laptop for me, and I'm looking for some input on my options. I can choose from MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook. Does anyone have any recommendations? For reference, I'm in a psychology program and will be using the computer for paper writing, reading, data analysis, etc- nothing that requires a ton of power.
  9. undergrad- which lab to join in 4th year?

    Sorry if that was unclear- I meant volunteering in addition to your research project. There's absolutely nothing wrong with volunteering, and the vast majority of people I know volunteered in labs to gain additional experience on top of their honours/research courses. Speaking from experience, I spent a year volunteering in a lab after finishing my undergrad, and I would not have gotten into clinical without the experience I gained there. It sucks that you can't do a thesis, but your fourth year research project should be just as good. Many schools don't offer research courses other than an honours thesis, which is probably why the thesis is less restricted at those schools.
  10. undergrad- which lab to join in 4th year?

    Doing your fourth year project in a social psych lab should be fine. The quality of your experience is much more important than the topic. If possible, try to join a lab where undergrads often get the chance to publish or present at conferences. Also, since you're in Toronto, it might be a good idea to look into joining a more clinically focused lab at one of the major hospitals or one of the other U of T campuses/other universities. The honours thesis is kind of the bare minimum for Canadian schools, and most successful applicants I know were involved in more than one lab.
  11. Hi guys hope you don't mind a question from an incoming grad student. How important are MA SSHRC awards in obtaining a doctoral award? I've been told that getting a CGS-M gives you a large advantage when applying for the doctoral level scholarships, but I'm curious to know what your experience has been. Thanks!
  12. Ontario Graduate Scholarship Notification?

    Do any of you know if you can be awarded OGS at a school that rejected you? I know it happens frequently with the tri-council awards.
  13. Fall 2017 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Lol same, I think they're sending our rejections by mail 🙄
  14. Fall 2017 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Finally got my rejection from ryerson... only about 2 months after everyone else