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  1. I honestly would not rely on my current experience with GSU to get an estimate of the outcome of your application process. It was a very prompt phone call and do not know if they called other applicants. You seem like a very qualified applicant for this school, maybe you could inquire about your situation with the admissions office?
  2. Hi! Yes, they called me with a surprise interview a couple of weeks ago. However, I have not heard from them again. Don't really know where they stand in the application process. Has anyone heard from RISD?
  3. Hello! So far I have gotten interviews for Cornell, Boston University, and Georgia State University. I still have not heard from RISD for Painting. Keep up the hopes everyone!!
  4. Does anyone knows if RISD interviews for Painting? I have heard not all schools conduct an interview.
  5. Please do not feel bad about getting rejected from Northwestern, it has an acceptance rate of about 3%, given that last year there were 154 applicants and they only accepted six. They must be looking for very specific applicants if they have to be that selective. It is definitely one of the most competitive programs in the country. Don't loose hope, you'll end up where you need to be!
  6. I just got my first interview request from Boston University!
  7. Oh, I see! I did not see the previous comment. I must have skipped through that comment. This is my first time applying, and I hope it will be the last one, so I am a little anxious about the entire process. Yet, I am happy some people are already obtaining admissions to their programs! I wish the best for all of us, and may we end up where we need to be.
  8. @artsixteen that is amazing, I am so happy you are doing so well with your applications! You got an interview for Cornell? If so, when will it be?
  9. Well, good luck to us all, may we get into a worthy MFA program and fulfill our artistic goals!!
  10. Hello! I just finished sending out all my applications! I am a painter and sometimes combine other disciplines, I applied to: Northwestern University University of Michigan Cornell University SAIC RISD University of Notre Dame Ruskin School of Art NYU Funding was a big factor when I was selecting my list, so let's hope for the best! Also, I am surprised this forum is not as active as previous years (secretly hoping there will be fewer applicants).
  11. I applied to the Peggy internship as well! I spent last summer in Florence and learned Italian there, but I have forgotten most of it. I also applied to the Met internship and I got an interview, but it can go either way. Let's hope they give us their decision tomorrow, I have been waiting for tomorrow anxiously.
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