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  1. Your GRE scores are great and your GPA is definitely not bad. I think that one of the most important things you can do when applying is, in your personal statement and interview, stressing the experiences you have and how they relate to the SLP field. I applied with a 3.69 GPA and similar GRE scores and was accepted to almost every school I applied to (I applied in the NYC and Long Island areas). I also spent 2+ years working as a TA in a school for children with autism, and kind of made my application really reflect on my experiences there. I think that schools are definitely looking for peop
  2. Hi! I didn't apply in NJ or PA, but I did apply in NY which I feel has about the same competitiveness. I also had a 3.7 cum GPA and I was accepted to every school on Long Island (Hofstra, Adelphi, LIU) and I was also accepted to a number of upstate schools, Northeastern in Boston, and Loyola in Maryland. I did not get accepted to Queens or Brooklyn College - those school's are extremely competitive though. Throughout my undergrad, I worked as a teacher's assistant at a special needs school where I was able to work one-on-one with young children who have autism and I feel that this experie
  3. Hi there! Is anyone else going to the accepted student open house for LIU?
  4. Hello! I've heard that St. Johns is heavily medically/research based, so it'd be a good fit for you if you wanna work in a hospital setting. I know one girl I'm in school with said she knew someone that attended Hofstra for a semester and then transferred to LIU Post because she really disliked it, but I attended their open house and it seemed like a good program! I know they require multiple semesters of research, but the tour guide said that it's pretty low key. Also, their clinic looked nice and they talked about how student's work with early intervention and children's groups - but I think
  5. I was accepted but will be declining - hopefully this opens a spot for you!
  6. LIU Post and CUNY Brooklyn were my top two choices - was accepted into Post but am still waiting to hear back from Brooklyn. I had an interview back in February but haven't been notified of a decision yet.
  7. One of the school's I was thinking of applying to says on their website that they want three LOR's from "faculty members or university administrators who are familiar with the candidate’s academic work", but I only have two letters from professors, one from a woman who I interned with at her speech practice, and one from my employer (I work at a special needs school). No other school I'm looking at requires all the letters to be from faculty so I really don't want to find another professor to write me a letter just for this one school, do you guys think I should just not bother applying here?
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