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  1. Great point, thank you! @Cookie Hall
  2. Hi all! So, for those attending a masters program in the Fall, or already attending:: I am looking for opinions on getting your TSSLD. Originally, I had a mindset of working in a hospital one day, but people keep telling me to go for the TSSLD for job security. The program I am going to be attending strongly suggests it but you do not have too, what is everyone else doing? Thanks in advance!
  3. From My experience with schools - they were focused on the speech course grades (which you look to have done well in!) as well as the writing end of the of the GRE (which you also did great on!) the only school on your list I had applied to was LIU Post, from your stats I think you would definitely have a chance. Good luck:)
  4. Advice I was given if not getting in this cycle was to email/call/send a letter to whomever sent you the rejection and ask them what was wrong with your application. It will show your passion, and they will have your name in the back of their hand next season when you possibly apply again. You'll also hopefully get feedback on what they like in an applicant
  5. I recently received an email from Yeshiva University in NY, the director of the program specializes in that. I believe she is also a singer. Its a new masters program, but its worth checking out! I attended their webinar and they're all super nice. Good luck
  6. Anyone going to Touro College this coming Fall?!
  7. Does anyone know if Molloy or Touro have formal waitlists? Or do they not send you anything until (and if) you are accepted? Is anyone else still waiting from them? I called Molloy last week and the only info they could offer me was "more decisions letters have been sent out today"
  8. I've noticed on the results page schools like - St Johns, Molloy, and Adelphi have only sent out acceptances and waitlists. So am I jumping to conclusions that if you haven't heard by now it could be a rejection?? I've only gotten rejections so far and am finding myself less hopeful everyday
  9. This is such a scary thought, but very helpful! Thank you!
  10. @Arcanelady27 in reference to "decisions" I mean acceptances/rejections. Yes, they have been interviewing.
  11. For anyone wondering: As a current CUNY student, I heard a rumor that they do not make/send out decisions until ~April 1st. However, they have been interviewing.
  12. I was rejected from Hofstra Saturday, had an interview with Molloy two weeks ago, and my friend got into St Johns at the end of February. Getting super impatient here
  13. Just got my first rejection : Hofstra. Bummer...
  14. Nothing makes me crazier than when you tell someone [non-speech major] you're graduating this semester and they ask "where are you doing your masters?" I WISH I KNEW! *sigh*
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