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  1. Thank you so much for your opinion! I've been getting both sides from friends and family. Some say to go where I love, and others say its not worth starting your life in debt. And that I may end up liking USF. Just not sure if I will or not! I'm hoping by seeing the clinic tomorrow, that will help me decide.
  2. Hi everyone! I am feeling very lost on what to do right now. About two months ago, I had decided on a graduate program that I felt like was a perfect fit for me. I went to the open house before I was admitted, and fell in love with the faculty, and the facility. I was very excited to be accepted in their first round of admissions. I went ahead and put my deposit down with them, and also found roommates to live with. Two days ago, I received an email saying I was taken off the waitlist at another school (USF). I never imagined I would be accepted there, so I was completely in shock! I know USF is ranked higher than the other school I was planning on attending, but I have actually heard mixed reviews about USF's program. I am originally from Tampa, so I know going to USF would be a lot cheaper than me going to the other school (it is a private school). When I was looking at tuition, the private school would be about $22,000 more in tuition. I could possibly go back to Tampa and live at home for free, and have cheaper tuition, but i'm not sure if I will actually enjoy the program. I did set up an appointment to go look at the clinic tomorrow, but I only have Monday to make a decision. Has anyone ever been in this position before? Or does anyone have any good advice on what I should do? I feel so stuck. I absolutely loved the other school I originally committed to, but not sure if its worth to spend the extra money to go there. I feel very blessed to have been accepted anywhere. This is my second year applying- I went from 0 acceptances last year, to 4 this year!
  3. Florida State University offers a Bridge Program. I completed my prerequisites through them, and loved it!
  4. Hmm.. I don't think it was ever unorganized! I have friends who are in the regular graduate program, and seem to love it! When I was in the Bridge program, I was always able to email a professor, and they replied pretty fast. And I feel like they always took the time to help you out if you had a question or needed any tutoring! I would keep asking around just in case, but I never had a bad experience with the professors or with the Bridge Program. But it may be different for graduate school!
  5. Hi! I have heard great things about their distance program. I did my undergrad at FSU, and also completed their Bridge Program (which was online), and loved all the professors! The professors are great and very helpful!
  6. Probably about a month ago, I received an email asking me to send them a 2 min or less video answering some questions. I was accepted about a week later. I believe they are sending out their next wave of acceptances this week. Good luck to you! I plan on attending JU!
  7. Here is the FB link if anyone who was accepted to JU is looking for it! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1049225735143120/
  8. Sorry for the late response! I literally have no idea about this! Have you tried calling them yet? I think they are just sending out acceptances in waves right now!
  9. Hi! Was there more than one type of program at JU? I applied for their regular program I guess. I think it is 5 semesters in total, but maybe I am wrong!
  10. Is anyone 100% committing to Jacksonville University for the graduate SLP program this Fall? I am almost sure that I will be accepting my offer here. I would love to get to know you all before the program starts! I was thinking about creating a FB page, and trying to find possible roommates!
  11. It was only a 2 hour drive for me, so I made sure to go to the open house! They said they were expecting close to 400 applications this year, and would take about 35 people. So I feel so honored that I was accepted! And I am 99% sure I am going to accept. USF waitlisted me, but I was told I was in a small group of people who they will be reconsidering after April 15th if there are enough slots open. I am originally from Tampa, so my parents are there, and tuition would be cheaper there. So if there is a slight chance I get in there, I may reconsider. But I doubt I will get in. JU was always my #1 choice though!!!
  12. Ah, yay!! I am so happy we both got in too! I was so nervous about my video not being good enough. I am so happy they made their decisions this week! And good idea! I live in Tallahassee, FL right now, but I went to JU's open house and absolutely loved it! The faculty were great, and the facility is wonderful! Jacksonville is a big city, so there is a lot to do there too!
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