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  1. Hey yall. I tried to search through the forum but I only went through the first 3 pages and found nothing so I just thought I'd start a thread. I'm planning on moving to Arizona in a few weeks and plan to stay there until I hear back from schools for Fall 2017. I've lived in Texas all my life, graduated from a University here in Texas. My question is - Will I still be able to qualify for in-state tuition for Texas schools for the Fall of 2017? Everywhere I have looked says that as long as I had paid in-state tuition at a University in Texas for more than one semester, then I should qualify but I just wanted to hear someone else confirm it from their own experiences. I really hope that I will still qualify for in-state tuition in Texas.
  2. I wouldn't bother getting RBT certified unless it would give you a pay-increase at your job. Like AspiringSLP2be said, it's nice to have on your resume but it's just a title - it doesn't define your actual skills aside from the fact that you completed the hours and passed an exam for the certificate. I'm not RBT certified and I have been an ABA therapist for a year and a half now. It doesn't make me any less of a therapist compared to someone who is certified. If my job offered to pay me more for the certificate, I would do it. The amount of knowledge and experience you get as an ABA therapist will definitely change the way you view the field. At the end of it, I really think it matters on your experiences and how you express them in your SOP, not just the title.
  3. At USU, If you apply as a degree-seeking student going for your "2nd Bachelor's", you are eligible for financial aid. If you go for the non-degree seeking student, you either have to pay out-of-pocket or get a loan. http://comd.usu.edu/htm/faq/#online2ndBachelors There's a link in the event you decide to apply to USU. Each school is probably different so your best bet is to call the financial aid office for whatever school you decide to attend to complete your pre-reqs!
  4. Thanks for the info! I decided to switch my schedule and do 2500 with 3500 instead of 3100. Hopefully I can adjust quickly to the online format of the classes!
  5. I have not taken an anatomy course before - I've taken pretty much every other science besides anatomy, lol. I'm hoping that by easing myself in, I can work up to taking three classes in a semester! Thanks for your reply! Thanks for the words of encouragement! I actually just stumbled upon a link for a facebook group for USU COMD students last night after searching for USU help! https://www.facebook.com/groups/109935279077833/ Lots of helpful advice from there too!
  6. I made a thread last week with a list of potential online pre-req programs you can apply too in order to complete your pre-reqs. It is not a complete list, but it does offer you some choices that you can further look into!
  7. So I've decided to do my pre-reqs online from USU and I'll be starting in a few weeks. I am registered for the following 2 courses: COMD2500 - Language, Speech, and Hearing Development COMD3100 Fundamentals of Anatomy for Speech and Language. Any advice on the two courses from former/current USU students? I've never taken online courses before and just registered for these two to see how well I can balance the workload while working full-time. I also would be open to taking COMD3500 Phonetics instead of COMD3100 if that class is known to be easier? I'm so nervous since I've been out of school for a year and a half. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Does anyone know of any online programs that have spring admissions?
  9. I didn't get accepted to any of the schools I had applied too for Fall 2016. :/ The plan is to continue working as an ABA therapist and taking some online post-bac classes from USU in a few weeks. It's not grad school, but I'm really excited to get into the school grind and hopefully show admissions how dedicated I am to getting into the field during the next admissions cycle!
  10. I couldn't seem to edit my initial post again.....so i guess bump - added with the rest of the universities yall have listed! Thanks
  11. After researching for places to take pre-requites, I landed on a nice surprise! University of Northern Colorado had a FAQ where they had listed places to potentially complete pre-requisites online. I thought I'd share as I know many of us are looking and it can be a real headache trying to comb through all the information. The FAQ was last updated in 2013 so I'm not sure how valid the information is but at least it gives you a list of potential schools to further look up rather than being on a wild goose chase. ---- ***The list provided below does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of any of these programs and may not be comprehensive. It is provided for informational purposes only. Eastern New Mexico University http://liberal-arts.enmu.edu/health/cdis/online.shtml Idaho State University http://www.isu.edu/csed/progOpp/opp.shtml Longwood University http://www.longwood.edu/socialworkcsds/SLPonline.htm LaSalle University http://www.lasalle.edu/schools/snhs/pre_slp/ Red Rocks Community College http://www.rrcc.edu/communication/index.html Texas Women’s University http://www.twu.edu/communication-sciences/5950.asp University of Colorado at Boulder University of South Florida http://www.sarasota.usf.edu/academics/CAS/academics/nd_lsh.php University of Wyoming http://uwadmnweb.uwyo.edu/comdis/info.asp?p=12471 Utah State University https://comd.usu.edu/htm/online-education/online-post-bachelors-degree Western Kentucky University http://www.wku.edu/chhs/cms/index.php/pre-slp// Florida State University https://commdisorders.cci.fsu.edu/academic-programs-admissions/graduate-prerequisites-bridge-program/ Again, this list is not comprehensive and if you have experience or know of other schools that offer online courses, feel free to comment below and I'll add it to this list
  12. Sorry to answer your question -- I'm also an out-of-field applicant and I went into work as an ABA therapist and have been able to observe many speech sessions with my clients. It is something you could consider looking into doing while you wait to hear back from programs. I was told from someone who completed NAU's SLPA certificate track that those courses could easily transfer into their Master's program if you chose to apply there - that way if you needed to find work, you could work as a SLPA while completing your Master's program.
  13. YAY ABA therapists! I currently work as an ABA therapist here in Texas! I've been working for a little over a year and have loved every minute of it (even on the rough days). I'm so thankful for my job as it has led me to SLP as a profession. I love my kiddos and they are what drive me to continue to persevere through another round of applications! As a lot of posters above me have stated, ABA is not for everyone but it could also lead you down another path to pursue a BCBA instead. People experience different things with ABA so I can only tell you a bit of what I've gone through! I've been spitted at, hit, kicked, hair-pulled, and had a chair thrown at me. All these behavior episodes fade in the back when I've seen the progress my kids have made. Literally my kiddos have so much potential just locked inside and I love being able to see them blossom. I've also had the opportunity to observe countless speech sessions and continue to grow more in love with the field. There is a need for SLPs who have experience with autism because I've seen so many SLPs come through and are just unprepared when dealing with my clients. One behavior episode and they are running for the hills! lol Anyway, not trying to scare you away - just not many people will tell you about the challenges of the job and I prefer to be straight-forward. Again, ABA isn't easy - but it definitely is rewarding in every way and will shape you into a wonderful SLP.
  14. I know, it makes me worried that I got rejected or something Praying we both hear good news soon!
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