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  1. I am international students and have applied to 4 art schools, but I only get a respond for an interview from one of those. However, all of them, until now, has not contacted me back. I sae SVA has sent the accepted emails to some people so I emailed them to ask for my status, but they didn't reply me. I did some research and see that they inform in their school's page the result will be announced on April 1, but some people here got that email already so I am worry now. If I didn't get any acceptance, I want to know if there is any school that open for applying in other time this year. As
  2. Same here. I applied only 4 schools, and got an interview only one. They say they will contact me back, but still haven't heard from them. And the other 3 are in silent. I even emailed one of those 3 which I saw from this site's result page that someone has been accepted, but they didn't reply me back. However, I did some research and learned that most of my desire school make pretty late decisions, like mid March - April 1.
  3. Thanks ! I will wait until they accept me, and will email them.
  4. I applied for digital design/ interaction design/art, but I am international student so I am going to be interviewed over Skype. I got respond from UCLA only. Are there anyone got the email from PRATT, SVA, and CCA ?
  5. I got email from UCLA. I will be interviewed with them over Skype on 4th of March. I applied for Design Media Arts department.
  6. Hi. I'm super new here in this forum (Btw, if I post this topic in a wrong section, or anything please tell me.) I want to study grad in US this fall in Interaction Design major. I have already send the application and portfolio to my university of choices. Anyway, I am always looking for the financial aids, or scholarship, or any opportunities to fund my education fee. I am an international student ( and English is not my first language). I am not sure how the university in US offer these things the same way as in my country. And sometimes the information on the internet confuses m
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