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  1. Hi guys I applied to TU Munich MS Informatics Winter Semester 2017. I sent out my documents, which were received and all was well except for my transcript. In my TUMOnline application, I have stated my normal duration of studies as 8 semester, but since I was a transferred student to the university where I received my bachelors degree my transcript only shows 6 semesters (the rest are in tranferred credits block). They rejected my transcript because it doesn't reflect the 8 semester count mentioned in my TUMOnline application. What can I do about this? Please help.
  2. I am going to apply to 5 different universities in Germany for Winter 2017. However due to lack of available options for Intentional students I am applying to different programs. TU Munich - Informatics LMU Munich - Data Science RWTH Aachen - Media Informatics TU Darmstadt - Distributed Systems and as safety FH Kiel - Information Engineering My primary interest is in Data Science. Can anybody guide me how do I approach this problem without having to write seperate SOPs and letters of recommendation for each university?
  3. I will be applying for 2017 Winter Semester. What's your profile and which program did you apply for?
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