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  1. Is Audiology considered a STEM major? I am applying for something and it is specifically for STEM majors. Is the PhD only considered STEM maybe or does anyone know if the Au.D. counts. I am aware it is a science, but there are specific majors under this umbrella. I read a super old article saying it was not, but since the article was super SUPER old, I didn't know if someone had more updated information. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hey there! I was invited to interview for the Audiology program at Western Washington. I am so excited for this interview! I was wondering if anyone here is part of that first guinea pig class from last year. I would love to know how you've enjoyed the program and faculty thus far and how funding is (opportunities for assistantships with it being a new program). I am really excited to interview for this school! Thanks in advance for your response.
  3. @audioisdaway@go yay!! Are you going to open house next Friday? I’ll be driving there from NY. I’m excited to check out the campus!
  4. Anyone else in this group accepted to West Virginia University?! Or an undergrad there?! I’m trying to figure out if they will be holding an open house for accepted students at some point. I am definitely interested in attending.
  5. @stayhappy123 thank you SO MUCH for that advice and encouragement. I’m so nervous. Thank you and wishing you the best of luck on all of your schools!
  6. I'm a bit of a non-traditional student who returned to school after 5 years. I didn't know what I wanted to do when I graduated high school. I got married and moved to where I now live in search of a 9-5 job. I got hired as an admin at a speech and hearing clinic. I knew nothing about speech and didn't know audiology even existed surprisingly. I saw what the Audiologists did and fell in love with it. I went back to school and am finishing my bachelors in Communication sciences and Disorders this May! It's been a long road for me but even though it took forever to find I out what I loved, I wouldn't change a thing in this crazy journey.
  7. Audyou

    AuD Applicants!!

    @AB121212 yay for being married AUD applicants and driving our hubbys NUTS! lol I am also freaking out about housing and job opportunities. It's so tough when you know you can't just get up and go anywhere. Literally his life is changing just as much as mine. Thank god he is so supportive. Best of luck to you and your search! I'm with ya girl!
  8. Yay! More AUD students! Why are we such a minority on this site?! *sigh lol I just got invited to interview at NOVA Southeastern. I live in the Northeast, but decided I am going to physically go there for my interview. I like the idea of meeting the instructors and having a one on one interview (and finding a plane ticket today for $95 roundtrip felt like a sign!). I'm SUPER nervous, but extremely excited. @stayhappy123, do you mind letting me know what kinds of questions you were asked when you interviewed there and if you did an in person or Skype interview? Thank you so much.
  9. I'm so glad you started this thread Katie! I am trying to find out the same for next week.
  10. I also applied to West Virginia and am so nervous! Am I the only one who obsessed, went through last years acceptance/rejection results and made a calendar of around what time we should be hearing back from the schools? My first choice did theirs 2 weeks from today last year so I'm getting SO NERVOUS.
  11. @katie64 Yes! The struggle is so real right now. Every time my cellphone email alert goes off, I have a mini panic attack. And usually it's some email about what's currently 20% off at Applebee's....smh
  12. We actually do have one going, just not too many of us. Join in! (=
  13. @katie64 I literally laughed so loud that I choked after reading what you just wrote. #gradschoolapplicationlife
  14. An AUD (doctorate) is required to become an Audiologist in the United States so I don't believe you will have any luck finding Masters programs here. It's a bit confusing, but the undergraduate degree here is called "Communication Sciences and Disorders" which means us aspiring AUDs have to take the same classes as a speech language path student. I believe these majors were combined at the undergrad level since SLPs and AUDs work closely with each other in speech and hearing clinics. They are very different from each other of course. In the doctorate program in graduate school, you will not be taking speech classes. You will be focusing on AUD courses to prepare you for the field. We are however required at most schools to have about 10 hours of slp clinicals and I think SLP's have to do the same. But that's pretty short. Hope this helps!
  15. Hey there @KGross12! Same! I am getting so nervous and every time I get an email alert my heart stops for a second. I applied to University at Buffalo, CUNY Graduate Center, West Virginia , Western Washington, University of Washington (Seattle) and Nova Southeastern as well! Nova by far makes me more nervous than the rest since they do a rolling admission and we could get that wonderful interview email invite any day now. What is your top choice? Wishing you the best of luck!
  16. @GreenEyedTrombonist @jpiccolo & @TammyTams Thank you guys so much for your kind replies! All incredible advice! You made such a good point that explaining why I really want to attend their program is much more important than stating that they are my number 1 choice. I also like that one of you mentioned having 3 main examples. That definitely shows them that I did my research. Thanks a bunch!
  17. @audioisdaway@go Awesome! I also applied to West Virginia University! I love that they allow every applicant to submit a video. Such a great way for our personalities to shine through! I am also applying to a school that has the $125 CSDCAS fee AND $75 that needed to be submitted straight to them. I can't tell you how many times I have felt like breaking down after spending so much money on applications. Don't be discouraged about your GPA. I've seen so many stories on here of people who still got in based off of their personal statement, resume and experience. I hope schools really do look at the applicant as a whole like they claim. Best of luck!
  18. Alright ya'll. I'm trying so hard NOT saying that the particular program I am applying to is my number 1 choice on my personal statement. I've heard mixed reviews about saying this in your statement, mostly being don't (makes sense), but has anyone found a crafty way to make this known without sounding like "pick me! pick me!". The only thing I could come up with was letting them know I am very interested in their program and what makes their program unique, but it's not strong enough and does not get across that I would choose their program over any other. Any suggestions? Keep in mind, I am not referring to saying this for EVERY school I am applying to, I am talking specifically about my number one choice. Thanks in advance for your advice!
  19. @Gal110 that is extremely encouraging. I find myself freaking out like crazy already and it's only the beggining of the application season. Like you said, there really isn't anything to do but to just sit and wait. Schalorships is a great idea. That will definetely keep me busy, and God knows any scholarship would be a HUGE help. Any website suggestions?
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