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  1. loves2hike

    Fully funded PhD programs in Sociology

    I attend WSU and this isn't accurate (I mean it is what the webpage says but...). Everyone in admitted to our program gets 5 years of fundings (sometimes 6). After that you are on your own to find moneys to continue your work. Our department also offers a series of awards to cover summer living expenses. Many students get RA/TA positions during the summer as well, however or work in the SESRC (survey research center) over the summer. You also get health/vision/dental. Hope this helps.
  2. I went to Oregon State for my Ma (Applied Anth) and am at WSU for my PhD and I would 100% choose Oregon over Washington for place to live. I like my phd program, but Pullman is a drag and Spokane isn't that great. Idk if your program is centered in Spokane or Pullman...it sounds like Spokane from what you posted, but if you are in Pullman know that you'll be an hour and a half from Spokane, an hour from good hiking...it just isn't ideal.
  3. loves2hike

    Pullman, WA

    You'll find cheaper housing and better food options in Moscow and there's a really great dog park that I take my dog to in the summer (I live in Pullman because WSU makes us become WA residents for our second year funding). At any rate Moscow is a much more vibrant community/has more going on. Moscow mountain has great hiking, there's a great farmers market, the best brunch spots around, cool shops, an adorable downtown, the co-op....can I just make it clear I wish I lived over there? Pullman is sad compared to Moscow. But you will have an easier time finding a rental (potentially even a small house) over there for a reasonable price and that will allow you to have a pet. You'll want to start looking as soon as you know you are coming though because the communities are small and both universities are expected to add undergrad enrollment next year. Hope this helps and congrats!! (also please forgive any spelling/grammar above- I have a mild concussion from an accident last week, stupid but it means that I'm making a lot of silly little mistakes in my writing).
  4. loves2hike

    Economics MS to Sociology PhD

    I think any time you are switching fields you need to be able to explain why you are making the change. I made the switch from my MA (anthropology) to a PhD program in Soc and certainly had to be able to articulate why I wanted to make said switch. I would say that it'll be an asset in that you will come in with lots of stats experience which will allow you to focus on qualitative methods and not struggle with the quant ones (I am doing the opposite with the switch I made). At any rate one of my peers came in with her MA from an economic program and it has helped her lots/she has lots of interesting contributions to seminars. Hope this helps!
  5. loves2hike

    Staring PhD with MA

    Thanks for your insight. I am certainly in that mindset of being the best me I can be/honing the relationships that matter. I went in trying to keep my advice to myself/only offer up what I thought was needed when I saw people panicking and I wanted to try and say things that would ease that (so when first papers or presentations popped up for my office mate). I have, the whole time really, found a lot of my initial lessons in terms of how to present myself to faculty, how to prep for coursework...really all the negotiations of grad school to translate well from one program to the next- if that helps what you are musing about in terms of starting your new program. I think once you learn how to prioritize, to find balance when possible that those are the kinds of skills you are forced to learn early on that are difficult for some people. Even self care is something that in my first year of grad school I was terrible at. So there is some tension in the simple fact that myself and other PhD students don't struggle with those things with them because we already went through that first year once before. So, I think, that is where the real problem lies. I think there's some conflict on the part of my department to bring in both cohorts and put us in first year classes together when we have vastly different timelines for the department/are in essentially different programs with different handbooks/requirements. I see that they want us to work together/have a sense of unity but the reality is that we are working on different things- them on masters, us on comps/phds. I don't think that earns anyone more or less respect, but I have friends who did their PhD and it is a different set of work. Its like how I knew an MA was going to be different than an honors thesis from undergrad. I am friends with one of them and I learn from her all the time- we have great conversations. I have many friends who never went to grad school- it isn't an elitist mindset on my end to clarify that-- I'm not just expecting respect because of my MA, but I do expect them to treat my past with as much respect as I afford theirs and to be cognizant of the differences between what we've done/accomplished. They have insights from previous careers and types of people they've been around that shape how they experience our program and so do I and we can all learn from that. Mutual respect is what I am struggling with the lack of. I am being made to not be able to talk about my life before- being made to feel that under no circumstance is my MA acceptable to bring up because it makes them feel that they are being judged. To give an example because that's so abstract- I recently talked about how I have to just bulk write papers early on because I can't do step by step, I procrastinate. If I write it early on, if I get it all on paper then I can edit it/it takes the stress out. Me saying what I learned worked for me/because my anxiety around writing is weird and referring only to myself was taken as me telling them that the way they were going to write their finals was wrong/that I was telling them to do what I did. I was not offering advice--they all went to undergrad, they know what works for them. I didn't even mention my previous program when I told them that, so it is things like that- its frustrating tp me. I just miss my last program. We all always listened to each other and always had mutual respect regardless of stage in the program. We always made it ok to talk about anything. No one had problems like this and I don't know what it is about this program that makes the environment so different.
  6. loves2hike

    Staring PhD with MA

    I am in my first term of my PhD. I came in with my M.A. and my new cohort was about 10 people. I am having problems, however, with my new colleagues in terms of how they see my MA work. I am baffled as they reach out to older cohorts for advice but scoff and dismiss what I have to offer. They act like, whenever I mention insights I have to grad school, like the insights I have to this process from my last program only matter to that program. I get it they are young/mostly straight out of undergrad (or the workforce) and have never done this and I remember trying to build myself up/prove myself- but I was always so impressed by the work it took to earn an MA that I was always open to hearing anything someone with an MA had to share with me. Even now my peers (who will have to earn MAs along the way/they are technically a year or two behind me in the program the way it is set up) are even upset whenever I mention things I learned about myself from before...I just am baffled and don't know what I can do. I stopped giving advice even when asked. I do sometimes talk about my past but in the same way they talk about their undergrad or work pasts...it is just literally the last thing I was doing/a huge part of my life. I'll note that I have no problems with the two other women who came in with MAs. Instead it is the 3 of us who face this problem with our cohort/are not included. And as I am not an international student as the other two are I think I see the social difference in how we are treated in a more clear way. Sorry for any typos- I wrote this kind of quickly/just needed to get it down and into the world for feedback/thoughts/advice.
  7. I applied to 13 schools. I spent about $2,000 when it was all said and done on sending GRE's, transcripts, and application fees. I was accepted at only 1 of 13 schools though so I guess it paid off to apply to so many.
  8. loves2hike

    Pullman, WA

    Just signed a lease after a 3 day search for a place. If you have a pet (I have a dog) than good luck. It is pretty hard to find an affordable place in Pullman. From what I could tell most available leases go up in Jan/Feb making it hard for new students to find something year one. I went super early (April instead of July/August) meaning I found something, but it will be a little more than I'd like to be spending (I can get a roommate though- ended with a 2 bed/2 bath). At any rate Pullman is otherwise very cute and charming. Moscow, just down the road, had the better furniture store and does deliver to Pullman for free (or use Amazon or Overstock because the place in Pullman was overpriced and limited). It was a little conservative. I had a rep from one of the rental agencies talk to me about immigration for 15 minutes w/o being prompted and the only reason my mom or I could tell was because I am hispanic (my mom is white and was offended, after my MA research I am used to it). Otherwise I am looking forward to moving. I found a little summer job easily so I'll be spending the summer there. I wont be on here often anymore, but I'll probably check a few more times if you want to message me a question. Best of luck to all!
  9. loves2hike

    Fall 2017 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    I'm in at WSU! Totally freaking out/just cried when I saw the e-mail. I can already feel the stress leaving my body. I can't believe it! Thank you all so much for all the support through this. It was wonderful to find this community of people to talk to/bounce ideas off of while playing the waiting game. Best of luck to everyone- in or still waiting or getting ready to apply again next year- it'll all work out the way it is suposed to.
  10. loves2hike

    Fall 2017 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    Did you call/e-mail? If you haven't i would reach out at this point- it is super late to have not heard anything.
  11. loves2hike

    Anyone else feeling hopeless?

    I relate to the posts on here so very much...I applied to 13 programs and have recieved 12 nos and 1 waitlist. I've been told I am "top of the waitlist", but it still feels so precarious. When I applied to MA's I was accepted to 2 programs and waitlisted at another, rejected from 2. So it felt like it was so easy the first time. I know, MA programs are easier in many cases to be accepted to...but the results I've had this application season still came as a little bit of a shock. I'm playing the waiting game now, but I am already applying to all the jobs (I just finished my MA) and making a list of programs for a potential next cycle if this program doesn't work out. This program has been my number one choice (tied w/ Stanford) from the beginning because of my topic area so if I get in I'll be over the moon...but if I don't get in I don't know how I'll feel. I am over being in limbo.
  12. loves2hike

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Angry tomato
  13. loves2hike

    Add A Word

    One year a long time ago, there were penguins who didn't wear hats when swimming. This made their mothers livid. "Unacceptable!" Frightened, they screamed, "Bears!" Nobody seemed convinced so instead of going swimming they tried juggling. Their mothers tried everything they thought would teach her a skill. However, she couldn't even make oatmeal without disastrous results. So, the penguins gathered money (obviously) trying to purchase a bear. Towering over them, a grizzly beast danced, devouring all bears with such ferocity that even God enjoyed it. Afterwards, God congratulated the penguins and applauded them. "You did it!" Suddenly, the grizzly beast started dancing vigorously. There was an acromantula nearby. It challenged the preconception that magical mushrooms were magical. Sparkling, the magical mushrooms were spreading throughout town. Nobody with pyromania thought grilled cheese would spontaneously erupt into nine identical squirrels! Nevertheless, the penguins elucidated the benefits of sparkling water from Iceland. Suddenly, Iceland exclaimed, "Enough!!! No more penguins. Kill all of the arcades on Monday because King Arthur suffered from sphenisciphobia." Tragically, everyone forgot lasers cure bug madness, meaning none of them stripped the violet beast of his powerful jaw bones. So while some arms spouted Kool-aid, others chopped nuts. This phenomenon halted commerce. Together twenty-five yellow dragons danced sporadically inebriating all anger gods, while academics drank champagne profusely. Who were they? Snotty undergrads eating free Tetrahydrocannabinol Chlorate. Homicidal kittens emerged from congressional hearings purring rhythmic improvised melodies, infuriating the associate professors who stripped them intermittently of all credentials. The incredulous kittens meowed like dragons farts. Except Bruno, who mewed like tinkling bells. Understandably, one chicken farted. Then, surreptitiously, two giraffes killed the conspicuous dragon. Audaciously, someone belched "RAWR!" Startled, four punks flew down from the Appalachian, a bit wide-eyed, and jumped into a brobdingnagian beam of protons, flipping fingers zestfully. Meanwhile, the paladins prophylactically committed themselves to diabolical plots. Therefore, lemonade became the de jure punishment for audacious acts. Worms squirmed and dug tunnels into Harvard where walruses prepared rejection letters and danced joyfully. They pressed flowers into
  14. loves2hike

    Fall 2017 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    Congrats!!! We just need these waitlists to start moving
  15. loves2hike

    Corvallis, OR

    My advice: VISIT BEFORE YOU SIGN A LEASE. Because housing only has like a 3% vacency rate in Corvallis renters get away with so much bs. I just finished my MA here and loved the town- I would love to live here someday when I am completely done with school. As a grad student, renter, however it was kind of a nightmare. I would suggest Albany (much cheaper but you need to drive/possibly get a parking pass because they just put in a bunch of "2 hour" parking streets and are putting more in next year. If not Albany South town (local free transit or bike to campus). Also over by the more residential areas by Winco (I lived in this area for my time- cheaper because it is further from campus but beautiful hiking). At any rate good luck! Also check out the Corvallis Gazette Times if you want to know more about the town- it is the silly local paper and I think tells a lot about the character of the city. When you get there Squirrels is the grad student bar (cash only) but great burgers and tots! (not literally, but the only bar I never ran into students when I was a GTA)

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