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  1. I applied to neuropsychology programs and had compiled a list of schools that have that track. I'm sure this is not a comprehensive list of schools, so you'll have to confirm those. If you go to DIV 40's website they have a list of schools/internships that are neuropsychology focus (might be outdated or not up to date). PhDs: SDSU-UCSD, Georgia State, Northwestern U, UConnecticut, LSU, Drexel, Temple, UMass Amherst, Washington U, UWisconsin-Milwaukee, Rosalind Franklin/Chicago Medical School, Queens College, WSU, Fordham, UFlorida, Ohio U, UHouston, Suffolk. PsyDs: Roosevelt U, Widener, Pacific U, Argosy Atlanta, MSPP/William James, The Chicago School (Chicago Campus), Florida Institute of Tech, Argosy Chicago. As for looking for good programs, I have to second the comments above regarding looking for professors who are in the area of your research interest, combined with the APA internship match and EPPP scores. Make sure you get neuropsychology experience for practicum in those programs!

    I attended TC for a masters program (non-psychology) and Columbia name definitely helped me get research assistantship jobs during the program (at Columbia Medical) and also interviews after graduating. However, the administration is a bit of a mess and it's an expensive program, so you have to always take the initiative to put yourself out there. The psychology department is popular and bigger than the dept. I was in, so once again you have to put yourself out there and seek opportunities (which is not rare in the psych department). If you plan on continuing your education after this program ends, the TC/Columbia factor helps. I liked that as a TC student I also had access to Columbia main campus resources, lectures, shuttle, libraries etc. and viewed my time there as an investment.
  3. Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology Applicants

    Has University of Missouri-St. Louis sent out their invites yet? I don't think I heard anything about it recently
  4. Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology Applicants

    Has anyone heard anything about Harvard, UT Southwestern, University of Missouri-St. Louis or PGSP-Stanford?
  5. Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology Applicants

    I spoke to a person from the dept. of psychology at UIC and was told all interview invites have been extended. They might call more for second round interviews but the chances are slim.