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  1. MIA and MBA - How to go about it

    If we're just talking MBA vs MBA & IR, then no, you should probably just pursue the MBA. Especially if it's from a top notch MBA program. But if we're talking IR vs IR & MBA, then you should pursue the latter. Especially if it's from a top notch MBA program. As stated by me and others, there are not many jobs (if any) that will require an MPA/MPP/IR degree. Someone even pointed out recently that nonprofits prefer MBAs for management roles. The reverse is not true as there are many fields where you can't progress with your career unless you have an MBA.
  2. MIA and MBA - How to go about it

    Ehh if you attend an elite business school, it is worth it. Median starting salary is around $150,000 for the top-15 or so schools. You don't attend business school to really learn content - you're paying for the access to job opportunities (great for career switchers) & access to extended network. It's the most versatile degree out there. If you're in the truly elite category, you will get lot of $$$ to pay for tuition. HBS has around $34 million for scholarships and the average fellowship award (for 2 years) is $69,000. Roughly half of HBS students receive fellowships. Stanford GSB is similar.
  3. MIA and MBA - How to go about it

    I'm doing dual MBA/MPP at HKS and one of H/S/W. Do you have good work experience? MBA admissions is much more difficult and if you don't have the WE they are looking for, you have no chance. It's not about the number of years but more the type of work you did. Also there is absolutely no comparative advantage if you apply from a different masters program. In fact, it's quite common for people to only get into HKS but rejected from HBS, GSB, Wharton, Tuck.
  4. Yale SOM's average stats are 3.63 GPA & 328 GRE. That's before looking at work experience. The school's also pivoted hard from the nonprofit reputation under Dean Snyder's leadership.
  5. GRE or GMAT for SAIS/SFS?

    Whatever you can score better on.
  6. HKS 2017

    No it's same. No essay per se but a cover letter.
  7. HKS 2017 apply to MIT Sloan during your first year at HKS
  8. The Domestic Policy Cafe Thread

    Whoosh - that's a quote from Good Will Hunting:
  9. The Domestic Policy Cafe Thread

    I'm headed to HKS because I'm hoping to gain some insight into the evolution of the market economy in the early colonies. My contention is that prior to the Revolutionary War, the economic modalities, especially of the southern colonies, could most aptly be characterized as agrarian pre-capitalist and...
  10. Advice on choosing an mpp/mpa program?

    Frankly it's hard to recommend a school because it's unclear what your profile is (GPA, Undergrad institution, GRE, work experience, etc.) To get a clearer answer to your question, you should look at the employment reports of the schools you are targeting. And look on LinkedIn and see where alumni end up.
  11. HKS 2017

    Hmm interesting so they sent a follow-up email saying that they processed it? I didn't get that email so don't know if they're just taking their time or they lost my forms. Could really use the money right now for summer travels!
  12. Low GPA...great work experience

    I think in policy circles (very loose terms), WWS is viewed slightly more favorably than HKS because they know it's hard to get in. Plus they probably have easier job attracting top students because of the scholarships, which then affects employers' mindsets. That being said, if HKS was able to match the $$$, I would personally choose HKS for the following reasons: International brand/prestige - no matter where you go in the world, people will recognize Harvard and you'll be able to find alumni Student lifestyle - I think Princeton offers probably the best undergraduate experience but for graduate students, not so much. Plus living in Cambridge is a lot more exciting because of its proximity to a big city Networking opportunities - this is the biggest factor: while some people prefer the small class size, I think it's quite limiting in terms of networking opportunities. At HKS, I am in same class with HBS/GSB/Wharton/Sloan/Tuck students; can take classes at HBS, HLS; access to top notch guest speakers that come to Harvard; bigger alumni network to call upon, etc. Truth be told, if you are a candidate good enough for consideration at WWS and HKS, you're really splitting hairs and can't really make a bad choice. If WWS made it easier to pursue a dual MBA/MPA - I think there's currently 1 student total at WWS who is pursuing dual MBA/MPA - I probably would have put in an application there. Just my $0.02.
  13. HKS 2017

    Did anyone get their travel reimbursement from HKS yet? In their email, they said it would be approximately 1 month from 4/10.
  14. 411 on Fels?

    Wharton MBA doesn't offer a dual degree option with Fels. However, you can pursue a dual degree at Wharton with SAIS or HKS:
  15. Anyone else thinking of an MBA vs. MPP?

    You're absolutely right. But I think the point is there's no job/career (or least one that comes to my mind) that will require MPP/MPA over MBA. Whereas there are many jobs/careers that will require you to have an MBA, resulting in a higher ROI. For example, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's internship program ( "primarily targets MBA, MPH and DrPH students" and you can see the list of schools they recruit from. The majority of those schools are MBA programs. But if for some reason, you decide to pivot to let's say consulting (McKinsey, Bain, BCG, etc.), you'll also notice that the majority of their recruiting for consultant roles are targeted from MBA programs - and it's not like they shy away from that. Same with nonprofit consulting firms like Bridgespan.