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  1. Does that mean my chance to get accepted is very low?
  2. I am applying for Master with thesis (UofT, U of Alberta, SFU). Should I write an email to professors of those that I am interested in working with them as research student? I have research experience with 2 companies., 1 published paper as a 2nd author and an internship in the well-known corporation in US.
  3. @TakeruK, @fuzzylogician, thanks for reading my posting. I was frustrated yesterday, so I was not clear about my situation. Sorry about that. I want to apply to another master program because I think my application for Ph.D. at this point is not strong enough. And my advisor told me he only provides a letter for my Ph.D. application. My choices right now are: 1. Applying for only master programs without using his letter (2 of 3 letters are not strong) 2. Applying for both master programs (without using his letter) and Ph.D. program (to have his letters, only 1 not strong
  4. Here is my story: I am an international student in the U.S. with a bachelor degree in a good school and currently a first-year master student in an institute that does not focus on research and not very competitive between students. The reasons I picked this school for my master because I want to keep my F1 status active and this school's tuition fit my pocket. About my application, I have okay GPA in undergrad (3.3), excellent GPA at the current master school (4.0, but the school is not famous), good Q. GRE score (164), but not get V. and writing. I have one published publ
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