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  1. Wow, reading your comment totally put things in perspective, thank you. I tend to overthink about these things when there's so much waiting involved. In any case, if they did refuse my request, I think I would turn them down (since I'm more interested in the other schools). Thanks so much for your perspective on this!
  2. Thank you for your insight, I think I will email the first school soon. I was surprised that given how small each program is and how interconnected they all are, that they would have conflicting offer deadlines (or maybe this was done on purpose?) I know that this year the amount of applicants was very low so perhaps each program wanted to put the pressure on accepted students to enter. I'm scared that the first school will drop me from their sights when they realize that I have other offers to consider, to be honest.
  3. I heard back yesterday from the first school I interviewed at in early Feb, saying I had an acceptance offer and to respond by Feb 26. However, I know for a fact that the other 2 schools I interviewed at send out offers in early March. I'm really looking to get into these other 2 schools but don't want to lose the first acceptance offer if I get rejected by both. Should I email the director of the first school to ask for an extension, or ask the other two schools for an earlier notification? (I'm leaning towards the former, since it won't hurt me as much). Also, all these programs are tiny so
  4. Congratulations!!! I got one as well, though I'm opting to skype interview since I'm out of country From what a current student told me, the Toronto interview is very laid back compared to the others. I wouldn't worry too much!
  5. Nice to see another med illust applicant on here! From talking to UofT alumni, it seems like all the interview decisions are emailed out on one day, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. (Speaking as a US citizen, I really want to move to Canada xD)
  6. Poking my head out of the waiting bubble to see if anyone else has applied this year for any of the masters programs in Medical Illustration? I applied to Augusta, UIC, Toronto and Hopkins and have heard back from UIC and Hopkins so far (interviews in Feb), still waiting on the others. It'd be nice to chat about the programs!
  7. Hi there! I applied to a few of the programs, including Hopkins. Had my interview last month there and I think overall it went pretty well (fingers crossed)! If it doesn't work out for me this year I think I'll brush up on my art a little more and reapply. Congrats about the acceptance to MICA! I was looking at their post-bacc program for fine arts as well. Has anyone out there heard back from any of the programs yet? The wait is so stressful!
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