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  1. smileandshine

    FALL 2017 - Ryerson, McGill, Carleton Architecture

    Congratulations ! That's a achievement ! Which program did you apply for Professional ( M.arch Non Thesis) or Post Professional (Specialisation)? And could you please tell whats your application status at Manitoba self service centre. I am really freaking out they just sent a recommendation for Admission and even after 2 weeks no reply and no offer letter.Even my status is Under review of Graduate Studies.Did you get any other mail from them ? Now that i have planned to join this university there is no response from their side
  2. Bdw when did you receive a rejection from Ryerson ?
  3. Hey, First of all i would say don't be dishearten you will get a lot of chances. You still have chance at least in U of M. See if your grades are average UBC, U of T and Mcgill was out of league. You should have something extra ordinary in your application for there universities. I have no idea about calgary. As far as i know Ryerson is comparatively easy to get in so rejection at Ryerson means you should work on your application. I will say apply for summer internships side by side and take your options into account.You can make a strong profile and then get in a better university. Still wait for results you might get lucky. All the best
  4. smileandshine

    Application Decision

    Don't worry ! Wait for second round. And Ryerson is also there.
  5. What is your first choice ? Do you have idea about ryerson M.arch program ? Could you please share your view about Ryerson All the best for your results '
  6. smileandshine

    Application Decision

    Thanks ! Lets hope for the best Do you have any other acceptance in hand ?
  7. smileandshine

    FALL 2017 - Ryerson, McGill, Carleton Architecture

    Did you get offer letter from Manitoba ? Got any scholarship ?
  8. Is there anyone else for UManitoba Fall 2017 ? I received an acceptance March 26 for M.arch program
  9. smileandshine

    Application Decision

    Oh! mine is also same. I was really worried that is there something wrong with my application. All the best Hope to hear some positive news Also keep us posted
  10. smileandshine

    FALL 2017 - Ryerson, McGill, Carleton Architecture

    Do you any idea about Manitoba M.arch Program ? Its really cheap so that is a good thing but is it better than Carleton or Ryerson ?
  11. smileandshine

    Application Decision

    What is your application status at Carleton central ?
  12. smileandshine

    Application Decision

    What is your application status at Carleton central ?
  13. smileandshine

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Is ryerson M.arch worth the amount ? How is TA/RA opportunities ? And what about job opportunities ? How will you rate ryerson, carleton and Manitoba ? Anyone with insight please help
  14. smileandshine

    FALL 2017 - Ryerson, McGill, Carleton Architecture

    Got recommondation from U of Manitoba architecture dept still waiting for offer letter. I m an international student really confused about Manitoba. Is there someone planning to join U of M ? Waiting for Ryerson and Carleton. My application status at carleton still says "Preliminary review required" really worried. Is there someone with acceptance from Ryerson or Carleton ?

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