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  1. Hi all. Did you apply to the MA-IDP at U Chicago as part of the Obama Foundation Scholars? Please share your overall profile! Looking forward to receiving the news in less than two weeks!
  2. 10 days is a short period of time to decide whether attend or not, especially for those of us that received no funding at all. I am on the same situation as I received other offers with some scholarship. Would like to travel to Singapore but it is discouraging as a lot of other students received funding. Do you know if they offer partial scholarships?
  3. Congratulations to those who received admissions today. Difficult decisions ahead!! I was accepted to other schools in the USA and UK and they are giving me some scholarship, while LKYSPP mentioned nothing on funding. I was accepted at LSE, King's College London, Wisconsin-Madison all of these with scholarship... and was waitlisted at Chicago-Harris. What are you considering to decide? Where are you from? I am from Colombia. Remember to join the group we have on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/928638657307337/?ref=group_header Best!!
  4. Same here. Admitted to MPP no mention on funding. Any possibility to negotiate scholarship??
  5. Hi all! I was interviewed on Feb 21st and applied to the MPP. This wait is driving me crazy! In the meanwhile, I created a non official Facebook group for those who applied to LKY School. The idea is to connect and hopefully later this year, support ourselves with the process of moving to Singapore. This is the link! https://www.facebook.com/groups/928638657307337/
  6. I appreciate if someone can answer this question!!! Please share! this is of common interest!
  7. Program: MPP - MPAff with cultural policy focus Schools Applying To: Chicago Harris, UMich Ford, LBJ School, UCLA Luskin, Columbia SIPA, GWU Elliot, Georgetown McCourt Interests: Cultural development policy during post-conflict transtition Undergrad Institution: Best public university of Colombia Undergraduate GPA: 3.04 Undergraduate Major: Architecture Quant coursework: Took microeconomics (score of 4.0 out of 5.0) - I have three MOOCs with verified certificates on data analysis, etc. GRE: 150V - 140Q - 4.0 AW (retaking test in ten days). TOEFL: 101
  8. Hi all! I am applying this fall to a couple of MPP/MPA programs in the USA: Harris, UCLA, Columbia, Ford UMich, LBJ UTexas, but I am a little bit concerned on my GRE performance as I am moving between fields and I have no prior quantitative preparation. I am taking the test in two weeks but I believe my scores will be something like V:150 - Q:140-145 I would like to know if someone has been accepted to a competitive school with low GRE scores? If yes, please share your scores as well as your schools! I appreciate your comments, best regards!
  9. Accepted? What are your GPA, GRE? Thanks
  10. Hello! May I have your email to ask you a couple of questions about your applications? I have the same GPA as you and according to a GRE mock test, I am in the 150Q on the GRE... Want to know a bit about your essays. Please!
  11. Hey. May I ask you about your GPA, GRE and other important aspects why you were rejected. I am sorry, maybe your experience set a baseline to measure my own application Thanks.
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