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  1. dis13

    Fall 2018 Admission

    Hi everyone! For those who applied to USC late December 2016, did you receive the USC 10 digit ID? I submitted my application on the 29th, but still no email..........they said to wait up to 72 hours, but 6 days passed already! I need to send my transcripts with the USC ID before I leave for family vacation and this is really freaking me out.
  2. dis13

    Fall 2018 Admission

    Hiiiii anyone applying to schools in the UK? This endless waiting is killing me
  3. dis13

    LSE vs. Goldsmiths for creative types

    Hello Congrats from receiving offers from Goldsmiths and LSE! I am currently planning to apply to media/comm as well and both of them are my top choices. May I ask when you applied and the length of your SOP? Did you also have related work experience? I'm thinking of applying this month and everything worries me right now. I don't know if I can be a great help, but what I heard from the graduates, LSE is more theoretical but you have more time on your own hands. Goldsmiths provides a bit more hands-on such as field trips and guest lectures. Students actually make presentations in front of industry practitioners. If you are planning to work in the media industry, then there will be more nerworking possible in Goldsmiths since the programme has more tradition than LSE. Many professionals and even media related professors received their masters from Goldsmiths in my country (South Korea). But if you want your choice open for your career field, LSE would also be wonderful because the name value definitely can't be ignored. Anyways, congratulations!! I envy you soooo much
  4. Thank you! Did you double space your personal statement? It seems like US schools require it, but I can't find info about UK schools. And will my PS be too long if they are around 1300 words? Some schools don't mention specific requirements for the wordcount, so this worries me. Thanks in advance!
  5. Anyone who applied to graduate program in the UK: I have some questions regarding SOP............deadlines are coming up and I am PANICKING 1. Did you double space your SOP? 2. Did you mention a particular staff member or course that you are interested in?
  6. I feel your pain too. I need to complete all my SOPs and submit them so my professors can write LORs. urgghhhhh I feel like I am rushing it all. I need to mail some transcripts overseas which will take another couple of days, so I really hope to get it all done by the end of this month. Anyone applying to masters in the UK?
  7. dis13

    LSE 2018

    Hello! I'm planning to apply to LSE toooo Really struggling with my application right now... I want to get it done before Christmas
  8. dis13

    MA Profile evaluation

    hi, It would be great if you make your TOEFL score up to 110!
  9. I need my morning coffeeeeeeeee
  10. Hi, I am planning to apply to a MSc course for 2018 in the UK. I need 2 academic referees and I don't know who to contact for the 2nd letter. My counseling professor agreed to write the 1st letter and I am deciding upon 2 other professors for the 2nd one. 1. A professor who is very fluent in English (he is American and I go to uni in South Korea) with alot of experience writing recommendations. However I heard all his letters have similar context so if I apply to the same department a former graduate have applied to with his letter, the admission office will probably read the same thing with a different name. 2. A Korean professor whom I took all her classes throughout uni. She knows me well but her field of study is unrelated with the department I am applying for and she is not a fluent English speaker. I respect both professors but I can't decide who to email. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. dis13

    BU College of Comm vs. USC/LSE

    Hi, I am a student who wants to apply to USC/LSE global media and communications program. Can I get a brief information if you chose to attend this program? Thanks !
  12. Hi, I am desperate for any comments or advice about double degree programs in LSE. I'm particularly interested in LSE/Fudan University Msc Global media and communications. I don't have a long work experience (only 1 year of intern experience in total), but will I still have the chance of getting accepted? Or should I gain more work experience by working at a related field for 2~3 years before applying? Any personal comments about the course would be appreciated. Thanks.

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