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  1. I think it was around April 22nd.
  2. I ended up attending the school where I was initially waitlisted last year! I had already committed somewhere else but ended up deciding to withdraw my acceptance there and attend the school where I had been waitlisted.
  3. I'm sorry, I don't know what criteria they use to select applicants. This is the kind of thing you'd have to ask the department directly. Good luck!
  4. Hi, I attended the post-bacc at CSULA, so I can only really speak to their program. I would say it's somewhat competitive, but certainly not as much so as the grad program. They can only accept a certain number of students into the post-bacc since the classes are usually held in-person and you are sharing spots in classes with the undergraduate students as well. I am not sure how covid-19 will affect future post-bacc cohorts. The application was just your transcripts and a personal statement about why you wanted to pursue speech pathology. I would encourage you to try not to stress too m
  5. Just thought I’d add that we got word yesterday that CSU campuses are planning to conduct classes virtually in the fall, with some exceptions for things like clinic. For now this feels like the best case scenario because it means faculty have a few months to prepare for virtual classes and we will still be able to meet in person for clinic.
  6. I'm very curious about this topic as well. When I accepted my spot at SDSU I asked how covid would affect the fall and was told that they are expecting to have fall semester as normal, but that as things change they would be in touch with us. Of course this situation is very fluid so I imagine that all programs are hoping to be able to have fall semester in-person, but that the decision will be made at the level of the university rather than the department. They will probably have to wait and see what orders come down from the state, and then whether the university is able/allowed to reopen (
  7. That's possible. But when I called 3/5 they said enrollment services hadn't even passed my application to the department, and I'm sure other students were in the same boat. That makes me think that this is a second wave of applications they're considering, but that all options are still available to us (acceptance, waitlist, rejection). Perhaps there were a certain number of slots available for the first round of applications they looked at and a certain number for this round. Just a guess, but regardless proud of those of you who have already been accepted!
  8. I agree, I was very surprised when they said that considering April 15 is the widely accepted decision deadline.
  9. This may not be relevant anymore since you guys already received decisions from Long Beach (congratulations!) but in our interview they told us that we'd hear the week of April 13th
  10. I'm interviewing with them on 3/25. When I saw people were receiving interviews earlier this month I called the department and they said my application hadn't even been forwarded to them from University admissions yet. So it seems like they're doing two waves of application reviews.
  11. I am in the same boat - wait listed and they're my top choice! I'm sending in a letter of continued interest today so here's hoping we can get in off the wait list 😀
  12. Hi @ladedadodada thanks for the reply! I ended up doing exactly that and was in touch with programs who said they were not able to confidently say they could accept the SDSU classes. I've decided to commit to taking the postbacc coursework in person. I'm applying for CSULA's master's prep certificate program for Fall 2018. How are you liking the coursework at Fullerton? It is interesting that they won't confer to certificate unless you are admitted to their graduate program - it seems more like an extended master's than a post-bacc for that reason. Do you plan to apply elsewhere or
  13. Did you end up taking courses through the SDSU SLP Essentials program? I am facing the same dilemma currently. I'm hoping that the 8 classes they currently offer will fulfill all the prerequisites for the various cal states, but it looks like I may need a few more than what they offer. I'm really curious to speak to someone who has completed some courses through this program.
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