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  1. faithcarol

    Opinions on SDSU SLP Essentials Program

    Hi @ladedadodada thanks for the reply! I ended up doing exactly that and was in touch with programs who said they were not able to confidently say they could accept the SDSU classes. I've decided to commit to taking the postbacc coursework in person. I'm applying for CSULA's master's prep certificate program for Fall 2018. How are you liking the coursework at Fullerton? It is interesting that they won't confer to certificate unless you are admitted to their graduate program - it seems more like an extended master's than a post-bacc for that reason. Do you plan to apply elsewhere or continue at CSUF?
  2. faithcarol

    Opinions on SDSU SLP Essentials Program

    Did you end up taking courses through the SDSU SLP Essentials program? I am facing the same dilemma currently. I'm hoping that the 8 classes they currently offer will fulfill all the prerequisites for the various cal states, but it looks like I may need a few more than what they offer. I'm really curious to speak to someone who has completed some courses through this program.

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