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  1. Just got accepted into NPSIA yesterday. Questions for you guys. I did not get an offer for anything on my preference form. Is this normal? I applied after the first deadline so maybe they ran out of room? Is there an option to changed specializations later on?
  2. Hello everyone, an update. My application on Carleton's website just changed to "recommended for assessment", for NPSIA. What does this mean, and should I be excited?
  3. Hey everyone, Well I only submitted my application to NPSIA on April 10th, past the first deadline. My application still says pending initial review. I emailed Tabbatha yesterday, so I might hear something in the next week or so. Any idea on where the process stands, and what I should be realistically expecting? What is second, will there be one, and if so, has it already been sent out? A little sad here.
  4. I am about to Graduate with a Honours Bachelor`s of Commerce (Analytics) with an 8.0 GPA. Solid work experience and extracurricular. Really concerned about my GPA, should I be, what do people usually get admitted with
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