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  1. Hi everyone! I applied CSULA and CSUDH 2 year msw programs. I was going to apply to USC but I didn't wanna apply for only the name and prestige and have $50k in debt after i graduate. So i stuck with CSUs, more reasonable. Anyway, i was accepted into CSULA msw program for Fall 2018 about 3 weeks ago. But i still have not heard from CSUDH. However i am not worried about whether i dont get into to csudh because i already signed a letter of commitment to CSULA (i said yes to them), it was always my first choice anyway. So stoked! Anywho, so proud of all of you guys! Keep hustling! Best of luck!
  2. Hi everyone! Its my first time here, I have a few questions regarding applying to the CSULA and CSUDH MSW programs this fall. I am still in the process of applying, how hard/easy is it to get into these two MSW programs? and what are my chances of getting in ? (taking into account turning in the supplemental applications beginning of January? Overall GPA: 3.39 CSULA GPA: 3.43 (I'm graduating with my BASW this May) volunteer experience: Kids Hope USA (mentored a child for 3 years) No work experience No GRE scores Inducted into the Tau Eta SW Honor society and NSLS (National Society for Leadership and Success) <--- But I don't think this matters much in MSW Grad school Apps
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