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  1. Current Dal student here! Getting credit for courses taken in undergrad is pretty rare but not unheard of. Like previously mentioned, applying for advanced standing is do-able but definitely something that they would evaluate on a case by case basis. Keep in mind that Dal has program based fees and not per course fees for tuition. So even if you're taking less classes you're still paying the same. That being said, unless it was something you struggled with, it would be worth it to take the course to boost your GPA for bursaries. Also, pretty sure that no matter what it would be a 3 year program unless you were somehow able to get credit for all 10 first year foundations courses. Personally, I like that the program is 3 years seeing as we have this summer off and I can work to alleviate some student debt lol Feel free to message me if you have any questions (same goes to other incoming Dal students!)
  2. Hi!! I'm in first year at Dal this year but in the audio program. Everything for me was done by email but I have heard a few classmates talk about getting phone calls. The first email I got last year was on March 7th saying that they were recommending admission to the program but then it gets sent off to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for approval. The second email confirming my acceptance came about a week later. Hope this helps
  3. Hi! I have also been accepted to Dalhousie based on their academic timetable it looks like there are 13 spots for Aud students. First year is a lot of foundations though and most of the courses are in combination with the SLP students. The combined classes have a max enrollment of 39. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi!! Based on what Dal's academic timetable has for available spots for enrollment next year I'm going to assume that they have 26 spots for SLP and 13 for Audiology. Back when I was first looking into the school a few years ago (2015 ish?) I remember seeing that during that particular year they got a just over 100 applicants to the School of Human Communication Disorders but they didn't specify which program those applicants had applied for. That being said I haven't been able to find similar information since so that number could be completely irrelevant now.
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