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  1. Its taken all my strength not to email, do tell me what they say cause I'm so damn curious!
  2. Wish I could tell ya! I sent in my app to U Albany for Behavioral Neuroscience PhD and that damn "submitted" hasn't budged at all. I have a gut feeling we'll hear this week.
  3. I'm in a super similar circumstance, worked at the same company from '09 until this past november when big layoffs started. I was already in the process of applying anyhow, and obviously was hoping to leave soon, but it still hurt, and has put stuff in a bit of a bad way. My advice (assuming you don't mind burning your short-term bosses, and that you were not working in government) is think of who the major competitors are to your former employer and apply for positions within those businesses. My experience is that moving to the other side of a rivalry can certainly make you resume j
  4. Thanks! It has really really sucked, she was my best friend and best advocate. Now i have to move back into a situation that makes dealing with my disability much more difficult (I am late-life deaf and a cochlear implantee), that exacerbates my other issues significantly, and all without my companion. It is a relief in a way to see other folks with similar goals struggling with similar issues.
  5. You guys are courageous AF. I have physical disabilities that I hide when I can, its hard for me to even write on a damned message board about my struggles with mental health. I just applied this round after working full-time for nearly a decade. I became so tunnel visioned that my relationship with my life-partner withered away and broke, then my living situation fell apart, then everything else fell down. I'm starting to doubt myself something serious. Good luck to you on the path!
  6. I love the whole "your status will not change in mosaic" jeeezzz, institutional inside baseball much?
  7. oh man, you're trying to get into NYC, and I'm trying like hell to get out! Tried moving upstate for a while, that fell apart, now i'm going back to my old damn apartment in brooklyn where it is loud all the time and tourist eat breakfast blocking my stoop every day (im not bitter). Where do you want to live?
  8. Ohhhh I hope so. After nearly putting it out of my head for 5 weeks the itch has become REALLY bad. Like, loading the admissions website every morning and evening type of bad. Also, funny handle stemcellfan! I'm picturing a super enthusiastic sports nut with an hat shaped like an undifferentiated cell and a big foam hand shaped like an amnio needle, jumping up and down shouting "grow, grow, grow"! Is that weird?
  9. I managed to completely put this out of my brain for 5 weeks. Today I've refreshed my POIs application portal about 10 times. This is gonna be a long few weeks.
  10. I'm just here for the follow... Applied SUNY Albany PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience, have not heard anything from admissions as of yet. I did receive an e-mail regarding funding that indicated those decisions would be communicated by 3/6. Would they make a funding decision before an admission decision? That doesn't make sense, right?
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