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  1. Princeton WWS App Q's

    Are they sending personalized rejections? Like why have I not gotten this email yet?
  2. Michigan Ford 2018

    Anyone going to the admitted students reception in DC tomorrow?
  3. Princeton WWS App Q's

    Same! Congrats y’all! But for real, reject the others real quick so I can have your funding.
  4. Princeton WWS App Q's

    So based on who has heard back where are we in the alphabet?
  5. Princeton WWS App Q's

    Thanks for giving me hope!!
  6. Princeton WWS App Q's

    Pretty sure they send them all at the same time so guessing I’m a no:(
  7. Michigan Ford 2018

    Struggling with same thing. I am hoping to get some funding in the end and their program is amazing, but it’s so much money. I’m going to make an appointment with the fellowship advisor and see if I might get some or if I can defer and improve my chances?
  8. Princeton WWS App Q's

    Just called, she confirmed they’re releasing on Thursday.
  9. Princeton WWS App Q's

    I need them to come out, I can’t handle waiting anymore.
  10. Michigan Ford 2018

    Same here! Really hoping funding comes through because Ford School is my dream.
  11. Michigan Ford 2018

    Got in!!! Accepted via email with a video message just now.
  12. McCourt 2018

    I'm hoping to get more aid from another institution to use as bargaining power. Alternatively, if people with more funding don't go then there will be more to ask for. According to some of the previous years' threads students can get a good 50 percent covered.
  13. McCourt 2018

    Accepted! Got a couple thousand a year but it doesn’t do much for the sticker price. I’ve been told you can negotiate on funding but we shall see.