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  1. Scuderia

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Thanks for the reply! I think that would a good way to give everyone the same economics training.
  2. Scuderia

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Does anyone know by chance what the cut off grade is for the microeconomics exemption? I’ve seen a B and B+ on the Munk website. Also, just curious if any of you are going to take the course anyways? Thank you all. Can’t wait for the Fall.
  3. Scuderia

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Hey MPP, Of course Munk has the cost factor against it, however, I just feel like overall I will come out as a well rounded student, no shade on npsia though. The coursework at Munk seems more diverse, as well as the professional development workshops, and endless flow of guest speakers. I’m all for a Facebook group!! Hope to see you in the fall mppmgaapplicant2018!
  4. How many npsia students are admitted each year? Anyone know by chance?
  5. Any idea how many applicants apply to npsia and how many actually are admitted? I never saw this info on the website. Cheers!
  6. Scuderia

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Yeah that is odd though, one would assume there is funding in an offer so early. I will wait and see what happens for those who receive acceptances this week. Odds are they may release funding at a later date perhaps? Thank you for your reply! Hopefully I’ll see you in the fall!! All the best
  7. Scuderia

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Do you think that will include details about potential funding? My offer didn’t say anything about funding and I assume it will come with the official mailed offer?
  8. Scuderia

    Applying to Munk 2018

    I just received my offer of admission for Munk! I hope that many of you will also receive one. I hope this means they are rolling out admissions for everyone soon. All the best and I can't wait to see you in the fall should we accept!
  9. Thanks for your reply. I actually had a different impression, since Munk is only a coursework based masters, I thought it was geared more towards employment, and seeing as Npsia offers a thesis component and a subsequent PHD program after, I believed that it was geared more towards academia. But of course a lot of the NPSIA students end up in government after so there’s that factor as well. Just my impressions thus far, it’s a really difficult decision!
  10. Scuderia

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Thanks for your insight! I always looked at NPSIA as a tried and true program, and Munk as a new program on the rise. It will be an interesting decision, should Munk accept us too. Wishing you all the best in your decision too!
  11. Scuderia

    Applying to Munk 2018

    Hey Everyone. I’ve been a lurker for a while and just wanted to say hi! I’ve been accepted into npsia, but just wondering generally, what are your thoughts regarding munk vs npsia? Thanks, and all the best !!!
  12. Hey Everyone, I’m a long time lurker who finally decided to pipe up and say hi lol I am also an honours criminology and environmental studies (3.9 CGPA, 4.0 final year gpa) student like Delidas. I received the email from Tabbitha on the 23rd and the offer of acceptance on the 1st of March with 27k funding. Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted, and hang tough to those who are still in limbo. I’m rooting for you guys. Curious as to your thoughts regarding npsia vs munk? Cheers!!

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