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    Feminist/Women's Writing, Chicanx Lit, Disability Poetics
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  1. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    I have to admit, I’m pretty jealous I can’t take this course. The ideas brought up in that description are fascinating. I love the question about which forms of poetry are marginalized due to our ideas about what poetry is/should be. Enjoy every second!!! I know you will 😉
  2. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    What is Poetry??? That sounds like it’s going to be awesome!
  3. kendalldinniene

    Talking about promotions in SOP

    If your promotions aren’t directly tied to you area of interest re: graduate study I don’t think they’re relevant, especially not relevant enough for your SOP. I’d include them in your CV though.
  4. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    Advanced literary studies, a pedagogy course, American lit 1965-present, and survey of criticism. 🤓🤩🤩🤩
  5. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    I got to register for all my classes and no one understands my wild excitement. 🤣 Especially when I looked at the bill and it kind of all washed over me what a financial investment is being made in me, my work, and my future. It’s unreal. Like @ArcaMajora I too can’t believe I actually get to call myself a graduate student. I looked at my interview invite email from SMU again the other day and just cried and cried haha. How is this real life? What an incredible journey we’re all beginning ❤️
  6. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    Congrats @jadeisokay for getting all settled in Chicago! I watched the third season of easy yesterday and the whole time was like, damn, I could have lived in that city. Like I’m confident I made the right choice but, damn, Chicago is just the best. As for what @Bopie5 was saying, yes I relate!!! I’m hoping to sign a lease starting July 1 so I can move in/decorate/explore before classes start the end of August. Honestly if I could snap my fingers and be in my new apartment (whatever it will be), starting my new life right now, I would do it. This is the fun part!!!
  7. kendalldinniene

    Rutgers English

    Might I suggest we stop feeding the troll?
  8. kendalldinniene

    Current English PhD students - Q&A

    I guess I'm reticent to ask because the stipend is so big (comparatively) I'm worried I'll come across badly...but goddamn those texts add up. I know several of my undergrad profs wanted me to buy the "correct" edition as well, for the reason you stated, but I always made it work. Eventually I charmed them into not caring, haha. But maybe it's unprofessional to do that in a graduate program.
  9. kendalldinniene

    Current English PhD students - Q&A

    I'm looking at textbooks and wondering- in grad school is it absolutely necessary to buy the newest edition? I always just bought the cheapest available option in undergrad and it was never a problem but I don't know if that will fly going forward.
  10. kendalldinniene

    Re-take GRE for better scores in AW?

    I wouldn’t retake. Your writing sample and SOP will be much better indicators of your writing skill than that score, and the adcomm will pay far more attention to them.
  11. kendalldinniene

    When You Never Hear Back

    I’ve gotten 3 rejection letters from Johns Hopkins if that makes you feel any better. And a rejection from BU where I removed myself from the waitlist over a month ago because I’d accepted another offer 🤦🏼‍♀️
  12. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    Dude you’re so on the ball! I’m not going down until next month to look for housing. Wish I had it all sorted now though, that’s for sure. Congrats on your cute house!
  13. kendalldinniene

    2019 Applicants

    THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! Congrats 🎉!!!!!!!
  14. kendalldinniene

    Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

    Can anyone tell me how common cockroach infestations are? Also I’m wondering about scorpions. Are they just a fact of life in the summer?
  15. kendalldinniene

    Prepping for Fall 2019

    So exciting! I can’t afford to visit my friend in Germany this year so she’s coming to see me in Dallas once I get settled. Not exactly the same, haha. Have so much fun! Good luck with Irish, that language is amazing and, imo, terrifying. I’d really like to learn a little of it, so I’ll be curious to hear from you if it’s as tricky as I’ve built up in my mind. And yessss about the relief of returning to school after a year. I reorganized my collection of research articles in celebration. Typing that I realize that is a weird thing to do, but....well you guys understand.

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