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  1. Hi @crackademik - I feel you, but keep your chin up! I say this for two reasons: (1) the data on other applicants you get on this site is, imho, *far* from being representative of the applicant pool. Posters tend to be on the more qualified/anxious end of the spectrum, and I think that this, while completely understandable, does tend to drive the general vibe. (2) If you are to trust the stories you read here, and I do think you should, you'll surely see that many "under qualified" applicants get interviews at places they hadn't anticipated. I feel that the selection process is far f
  2. @laveritecestla thanks a lot! Hopefully we hear from them sooner than later ?
  3. Hi all, Quick q: does anyone have a guess as to when Boston U's BME program will be sending decisions? I have to start booking flights for a couple of interviews (am international, costs are a big deal) -- am not sure I'll get an interview at BU, but in the case I do, I'd like to avoid flying across the US twice! Thanks in advance, and best of luck to you all.
  4. Worries: got my first two replies today - both rejections. I'm super worried that it's just not going to work out Excitement: not much at the moment. Will try and get my mind off of things, spending time with friends and family. Hopefully a new week brings better news.
  5. Got my first two replies today - two rejections. Not a great way to start the weekend, and it's gotten me super worried about my chances this time around. I hope you guys are having better luck.
  6. Awesome - do share the recipe, am feeling low on butter lately!
  7. Avoiding GradCafe! Same, except for saving money for a suit - I save money to fuel the wine drinking... also, we should trade recipes ? Good luck to you all!
  8. Good luck with your apps! Keep it going, last efforts before it's done and dusted.
  9. As a first-time (intl) applicant, this is the worst part! I'm not too sure *how* I will cope with the next couple of weeks. Time to pick up a bunch of new hobbies I guess!
  10. I also ended up submitting my applications "early" - the last one was put in yesterday. Still waiting on my LORs to trickle in, which does keep my mind off of the application results, at least for now. Best of luck to y'all!
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