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  1. I think prestige is important but there are certain red flags that I wouldn't allow prestige to let me overlook. I wouldn't pick prestige if the POI doesn't match at all with your interests or if you have tor really stretch your interests to vibe with them because you don't want to be unhappy for 5+ years. Other than that, if you could see yourself being happy at 2 different institutions and loved them both, then i would allow prestige to win out on deciding. In my own personal experience,
  2. 2 days until fly out for interview 0.0 it's getting real y'all
  3. Same! This weekend literally decides my future so i'm stressed have a mock interview tomorrow but as the day gets closer im getting more anxious but also excited to meet the people in person
  4. Interview days for most programs is this upcoming weekend next week #stressed lol.
  5. How common is it for a POI to have enough access to funding to take two people?
  6. Any advice on not feeling awkward that you'll be at a dinner with someone else vying for the same position during interview day? (I know it's probably pretty common but it's stressing me out)
  7. I know UVA's interview is next weekend so I think all invites have been extended.
  8. Were you given your own time or was it a group interview (I hate group interviews #barf)
  9. In terms of in-person interviews, is it your POI interviewing a bunch of people or is it like one invite per POI and the weekend is like each POI interviewing one person?
  10. Do they usually send you a schedule beforehand? My interview is next weekend (not this weekend) and so far haven't heard much.
  11. In your experience how does it work in terms of faculty interviewing you who aren't your POI? Is it usually more than one? Did you look up their research too or just your POI?
  12. Does anyone have any experience having done a phone interview and then going to a "visit day" interview? Like they already asked me about my research interests and about my life and stuff how is it set up? Is it just the same questions but now in person? I don't want to repeat myself or sound redundant.
  13. Ohhh thank you so much for that clarification. I haven't seen much posted in the results page about just UVA it usually just says Curry
  14. This may seem like a dumb question but is University of Virginia the same as Curry School of Education - UVA in terms of applying for clinical psychology? I see both names used and idk if theyre different
  15. Just got rejection email from POI who was top choice after interview #sobbing
  16. I've seen two acceptances from one of my top schools and I'm freaking out waiting game is worse than anything.
  17. Are decision emails (not interview requests like acceptance/rejection emails) usually sent out before end of work day (5pm their time)?
  18. Omg thank you so much for doing that I appreciate you immensely!
  19. Did the grad coordinator say that for all departments or specifically social?
  20. From looking back at previous years (from the results page), it seemed at the end of this month (last week) is when people were invited last year
  21. I like to ask their experience living in the area, what they think my role in their lab would be, any new projects they have been working on, how the community is like, stuff like that
  22. I'm sorry to tell you this but my first interview invite (currently have 2) was at 10:30 pm. I was so sure no one is emailing at that hour so it can really be any time during the day.
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