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  1. so, I got denied from 11 out of 13 programs. I am waiting on one PhD and one masters program. my depression has definitely set in and I just feel so lost. i've slept so much ever since finding out. i just feel really hopeless and have no idea what to do because my initial plan was migrate with my family as we moved down south, but we might not be doing that. i'm worries that even applying for a last minute masters program might break me because if i don't get in, then it may be the last straw. i don't feel stressed, i feel helpless and hopeless
  2. I did get a rejection in late, late December. Check your MyRed portal
  3. Is there anyway that I can get away with no blazer? Or is it pretty much mandatory? Now, I'm really nervous because I was planning on wearing a blouse with a nice pair of slacks/skirt.
  4. This is the most frustrating thing ever. I have a couple of nice blazers that used to fit, until I underwent a growth spurt in the chest area and now I do not have any blazers that fit. I cannot afford to buy another blazer, so I think that I am stuck with my backup outfit. Does anyone think that a grad program would think badly of me if I wore a nice blouse from Talbots with a skirt and comfortable, yet dressy shoes? I am in a little bit of a bind and would really appreciate any advice. I would pretty much be wearing what I wear to Church and have worn to presentations before. TIA
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