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  1. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    One thing I also found out the hard way, and it SUCKS because I'm kinda bitter right now, is that if you have a lot of research/clinical experience, you tend to have research interests that are pretty advanced or specialized. That being said, I'm pretty much in the same shoes you are in (GRE average/above average, 4.00 GPA, 1 presentation, 3 publications pending) and my research interest is specifically clinical neuropsychology and child/adolescent related. It's been difficult finding a program that fits my interests because its either neuropsychology related (with Alzheimer's and dementia being the main research topics) or child/adolescent related. Basically I'm in the position where I have these shining research interests that I absolutely ADORE, but no one is willing to take a chance on me, and I really don't believe I should dramatically change those interests to meet the interests of a POI and end up getting stuck for 6 years doing something I was lukewarm on in the first place.
  2. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hJFI7od93wXNHfLiUl0pv4lPUsueRmVg_6N85xgFQd8/edit#gid=0 Hope this helps!
  3. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Hey friend, this board might be the one you are looking for ?
  4. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Emailed some schools for a status update since I haven't heard anything back about my application. Hope this might help someone of you waiting as well: Columbia Teacher's College (Clinical Psychology PhD): Not heard a thing from them despite emailing the contact individual on their website NYU (Neural Science PhD): "We have reviewed all applications and have sent out interview invitations to our top candidates. We may send out additional interview offers at a later date but it is not guaranteed. Official rejections will be sent out by mid-February." University of Southern California (Psychology PhD [mine specific application was for Clinical Science]): "All applications have now been reviewed and we have already had our interview day. However, interviews may still be extended up to February 15th. Admission letters will be sent out soon in the next week or so."
  5. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*

    I graduated this past December from a top 10 research institution with a 4.0 GPA and said school has been asking me to be valedictorian. During undergraduate, I have been working as a PA for a private neuropsych practice working with kids and have been participating in 4 different research groups (1 second author manuscript in progress with a conference coming up in a month, and 3 other manuscripts in progress with potential conference presentations in which I'm co-investigator/second author for). I have very low self-esteem, so I started applying to Ph.D. programs with no expectations, but post-docs, licensed psychologists, and graduate students have been hyping me up since last year saying that I would get in with the amount of experience I have. I've been rejected to pretty much all of the schools I applied for expect for my safety, in which I have an interview for. Not only do I feel worthless, but I have to go to work several times a week where people have been constantly asking me about grad school results and being surprised that I haven't gotten in anywhere, as if the rejections haven't been crushing enough. So yea, not sure what to do right now and had to get this off of my chest.
  6. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Someone mentioned previously (don't remember if it was on this board or another) that USC has already extended their invites since their interviews are today (February 1st), but they MAY continue to extend interviews into mid-February. I'm in the same boat as you, guess we just have to hold tight ?
  7. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Same as everyone else waiting on Northwestern Feinberg, can anyone who was extended an invitation to interview PM me with the POI? It's my first choice and I haven't been hearing good news, so hopefully this might be the saving grace ?
  8. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    That was me... until I literally just got a generic email from them to check the website. I guess they are just sending them out in waves at this point.
  9. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    POI Requests for Clinical Psychology PhD Fall 2019

    Can the individuals who have been invited to interview at Columbia Teacher's College for Clinical Psychology hook a girl up with the names of the POIs, please? Thank you in advance!
  10. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Their "Thank you for Applying!" email mentioned that interview invitations will be sent by February 1st at the latest and the in-person interviews will be held during the first two weeks of March with official offers for admission be given on March 18th.
  11. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Applicants (PhD, PsyD)

    Should have clarified since I have more of a neuroscience background, I applied to the NYU Neural Science Ph.D. with research emphasis on clinical.
  12. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Applicants (PhD, PsyD)

    Hi everyone, I've been dying in the shadows and decided to join the waiting game as well. I've applied to 9 programs that are either Clinical Science or Clinical Psychology related (UC Berkeley, USC, Loma Linda, SDSU/UCSD JDP, Duke, Dartmouth, Northwestern Feinberg, NYU, and Columbia - Teacher's College) and unfortunately, I have no heard back from any of them either. Best of luck to everyone, hopefully this week brings news that we are all looking for!
  13. anxiouscoffeedrinker

    POI Requests for Clinical Psychology PhD Fall 2019

    Me as well, thanks in advance!

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