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  1. mswguy


    Awesome! I'll be part of the 2-year program, so I'll probably see you around
  2. mswguy


    Congrats! Which track did you apply for 2 or 3 year? Are you going to attend?
  3. mswguy

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    Just made my decision to attend CSUN! other CSUN peoples hit me up!
  4. mswguy


    Hey, so sorry I'm just getting back to this. It was good, a bit unique. It's a group interview with 6-8 people. There's a group task/problem-solving question, and a single individual question that you're randomly assigned. There's also a little writing assignment, but it doesn't seem to hold much weight in the interview.
  5. mswguy

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    was a few weeks after acceptance, was an email on financial aid, just included info on the scholarship.
  6. mswguy


    Thanks @MSWDUDE19! I applied to the 2-year on campus program. It’s definitely one of my tops! I’m also seriously considering Columbia & NYU but cost is super high. I know social work faculty at CSUN and I could probably do research with them which is a great opportunity.
  7. mswguy


    Was just admitted to CSUN today!
  8. mswguy

    Hunter vs NYU for MSW?

    As long as your school is accredited you’re on the path for private practice. From what I hear your field placements matter most as far as your msw goes, on the path to licensure. A good field supervisor will be a reference for you to get jobs and work toward your hours for LCSW post grad.
  9. mswguy

    Hunter vs NYU for MSW?

    Not a student at either, but accepted to NYU, did not apply to Hunter. From what NYU students seem to say, it’s a split between the two. If you want a clinically intensive program, NYU is probably a good choice. If cost is a major issue Hunter is a great program, equally as well regarded in the city. Field placements are pretty identical from what I hear, same opportunities.
  10. mswguy

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    Did not apply for anything, just received an email regarding financial aid and it showed I had a 15k scholarship along with the loans I could take out.
  11. mswguy

    Columbia University MSW Fall 2019

    Received my financial aid info today, 15k a year scholarship. Not bad, but even with the scholarship it’s still the most expensive program on my list. 😕
  12. mswguy


    Only applied to CSUN out of this list, was interviewed last week, but it seems like their interview process may be over months!
  13. mswguy

    MSW Fall 2019 Decisions!!!

    Interviewed at CSUN last week as well! No word yet on a decision. Best of luck!
  14. mswguy

    Factors in Choosing a Program?

    I've been facing the same issue! I've gotten into some great programs, I'm still waiting to hear on one more. Some things I've been taking into consideration: 1. Incoming Class Size - Is your incoming class 1,500 or 200 students? Depends on the program. In addition, I'm curious about class sizes in courses (15 or 30 students in a classroom?) 2. Location - Where do you see yourself spending the next few years? Where do you want to practice social work? If you want to do work in Los Angeles, Chicago might not be the best place to get your MSW, as you're building your network out there during your program. (This isn't to say you can't always move afterward, but there are things like licensure and hours if you're working toward an LCSW that you need to keep in mind as you move state to state.) 3. Field Placements - What opportunities will you have for field placements? Universities in big cities/metro areas will have access to larger organizations and resources. Most programs are seemingly private about the actual names of organizations they affiliate with for field placement, but most field placement offices will give you an idea if they have opportunities available in the area you're looking at. 4. Professors/Research - Find a professor you think you'd want to study under, read an article by them, and get in touch. Most professors I've found are more than willing to chat if they can make the time. Some questions to consider: What are the professors researching? What is the program putting funding into as far as research/initiatives? Are there opportunities to engage in professor's research if wanted? 5. Student Body - What are your peers like? A lot of state schools attract a more diverse population, racially/ethnically, along with age and experience. Some bigger institutions attract more of an international population. Try and learn more about the students! 6. Courses - The more I've come to see it, most programs are fairly similar. Every program I've seen has a first-year generalist approach. Then some continue in the second year with that generalist approach or there are specialization tracks. Talking to my social worker friends, they've said these specializations have rarely been defining factors. Rather, they've said that their experiences from second-year field placements were much more impactful on their skillset than the special courses. But if there are courses you see in the catalogs that interest you, something to take into account. Hope these help!
  15. mswguy

    NYU MSW Fall 2019!?

    For sure. Definitely not just an NYU thing. The follow up and followthrough afterward is most important to see.

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