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  1. I have high hopes for you!! Please update when you hear back--I'll be crossing my fingers for you! And I know, the whole application process is overwhelming and definitely daunting. If it doesn't work out with CSUN, just take that as another growth opportunity and try to remember that your awesome skills and experience can help serve a different community! GOOD LUCK!
  2. Hey! I was just accepted into the Online 2-year Program earlier this week. I was first admitted to the on-campus MSW 2-year program, but due to some new factors, I opted to do the online program to which I was also admitted. I had my interview February 28th, and was notified of admission early April. I have a (honestly) low-end overall GPA with a BA in Philosophy, with about two years of direct (paid) social work experience (working at a suicide hotline, working as a direct provider for many clients with mental health concerns at a non-profit mental health organization in my area, and ot
  3. Confirmed for the online MSW program for Fall 2019! Sent in all required documents for admission this morning!
  4. Just received admission to the CSUN MSW Program!! Beyond excited and grateful. I applied and received admission to the 2-year on-campus program, but due to recent financial and personal reasons, it would be best for me to pursue the online program rather than the on-campus program. I am going to give them a call this morning and see if it is possible to switch tracks from the on-campus to online. My hopes aren't very high, but it's worth asking in any case. Congrats to everyone who's going to CSUN!! If I can't do the online program, I SO look forward to meeting you all at orientati
  5. I was emailed the questionnaire on February 15th because from the information provided on my application, I am registered as a non-resident. I have lived in California all my life, so I'm a little confused as to why they registered me as a nonresident. I haven't heard anything about it yet though, and I sent the questionnaire in yesterday.
  6. Hi! I applied to CSUN, CSUSB, and SJSU, and I have yet to year back from all 3. I had an interview with CSUN last Thursday, 2/28, and I haven't heard anything yet. My SJSU application status is still "refer to grad department", meaning it has passed the university eligibility and is under department review. No word yet on CSUSB, though they did send an email saying my application is under department review. Good luck to you both!!
  7. Hey @kellslo and @Bfair ! I had my interview last Thursday, 2/28. Because I don't live in Southern California, I had my interview over an online format similar to Skype. It was a group interview, where two faculty interviewed about 7 applicants. It began with casual introductions, and then the faculty asked all applicants individual questions, so all of us got unique questions. Then we were all asked the same question, and each of us had time to answer that question (we all volunteered to speak when we wanted, so they didn't call on you or anything). After that, there was a group activity wher
  8. School Name: CSUN Program: MSW Date invite received: Wednesday, February 20th Interview date: Thursday, February 28th
  9. Congrats @mswguy !!! That's awesome. If you don't mind my asking, how long did it take after having the interview to receive an admissions decision? I had my interview last Thursday (2/28), and I'm anxious--I check my CSUN email about 10 times a day!
  10. Hi @Veronica144 ! My application status still says "referred to grad department" too. I looked online, and I think they said admission decisions could come as late as June 1.. No word on financial aid yet either. Good luck!!! I hope we hear back soon!
  11. As I've never been to Northridge, I'm wondering: what is it like to live there? average rent cost? any outdoor parks/places to hike or run? bad traffic? Any information helps! Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone! I had my interview last Thursday (2/28) and am still waiting to hear back about it. Has anyone who had an earlier interview heard anything yet/know how long it will take until we start hearing? Has anyone had to submit the CSU residence questionnaire as well? Good luck to everyone who applied!!
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