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  1. Decided to accept the offer from University of Florida! I just have one interview now and I do have 5 schools pending which I found I may not hear back from. Anyway, do no give up!
  2. I got this in middle December, and got rejection letter last week. lol
  3. I think sending the rejection as earlier as they can really help a lot for students to plan for their own future, I cannot understand the way they do it.
  4. Tulane University Indiana University--Bloomington University of Nebraska--Lincoln University of Illinois—— Chicago Program showed on my signature, these school are kind of safe schools I choose but I was told they are still reviewing applications. Since I am an international student studying here, if I cannot get acceptance I need to go home, I am really stressful recently. Thanks all, congratulations to all who got acceptance!
  5. Well, sent email last week to UAB and got replied that they are still reviewing and tried to send out decisions by the end of this week. And got rejection last night! And last day I lost my wallet since I am not feeling well in the long- time waiting recently I feel like the "decisions" they mean are all rejection. Correct?
  6. Same situation and I agree with you
  7. I gave emails and phone call to those who have not sent anything to me. One said they have a delay and I will know the final decision no later than the end of next week, the other, middle of Feb. Others, may be blocked by the bad weather which I reach a voice mailbox. So...I have nothing to say
  8. Just sent e-mail to them, ask information about what you want to know, that was what I have done for this year.(for GRE, GPA, whatever)
  9. Rejected by Purdue Biological Sciences today , we are getting into February and I still have 7 or 8 schools pending, hopeless, the suspense is killing me.
  10. That's very kind of you, well they said they are still reviewing applications, I am not 100% hopeless now.
  11. Thanks for letting me know, would you mind telling me the interview weekend scheduled?
  12. Congratulation! Seems like they have several interview weekends, finger crossed
  13. Hey, did anyone heard back from Purdue(Biological Sciences), Vanderbilt(IGP), University of Massachusetts(GBS), Tulan(GBS), IUB(Biology), UNL(Biological Sciences), UIC(GEMS)? I sent email to them but just got general "still reviewing and a decision has not yet been made", I start to worry about them.
  14. I got just one interview as well, and I am sooooo stressful recently . As I have been told they are still reviewing applications, I applied for 15 schools and have 9 others to wait, feel hopeless. Accepted (0/15) - None Rejected (4/15) - U Penn, NYU Sackler, Northwestern, U Minn Wait-listed (0/15) - Tufts Sackler, Boston Interview (1/15) - UFL
  15. AS an international students who got a Master's degree in US, I applied for 15 different PhD programs this year and got 4 rejections, 2 wait-list and just 1 interview now. I am so stressful recently, I sent emails to those silent schools and got a general reply, "decisions have not yet been made", I do no really know what these mean, I kind of feel they were just wait a date to send all rejections at one time. As I found on the Grad Cafe, usually people got interviews no later than Feb, so I am so sad at this time.
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