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  1. SpeechNOLA

    How many schools did you apply to in the 2019 cycle?

    For me there was only one school I even considered going to due to financial and personal reasons. I felt that focusing on one application really allowed me to be the best candidate possible for that program. And I was accepted!
  2. I think it really depends on your situation whether or not you should apply to a bunch. I'm bilingual too and only applied to one school---the one down the street from my house. I've been accepted so it is totally possible!! I have heard that bilingual candidates sometimes have an edge on others because we're pretty uncommon in the field
  3. SpeechNOLA

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    Me too!! See you in May
  4. SpeechNOLA

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    Has anyone received a time for their interview at LSUHSC?
  5. SpeechNOLA

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    I think it is probably close to true that they only accept on or two out of state per cohort. Louisiana schools tend to focus on taking care of their own
  6. SpeechNOLA

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    It seems that LSUHSC has sent out interview request emails fyi
  7. SpeechNOLA

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    I received an email last week from LSUHSC requesting clarification on my undergrad coursework. They mentioned that they were beginning to schedule interviews.

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